15mm Terminator Robots from 15mm.co.uk

15mm Automated baddies

Everyone needs some mindless yet lethal robot-types to face up to. These guys from 15mm.co.uk are clearly that. I’ve had some for a while and put off painting them because, well, they looked too much like skeletons for my tastes. Forget a cream coloured scheme for these or they might as well join the undead army.

15mm.co.uk Automated badness
15mm.co.uk Automated badness
15mm.co.uk terminator robots
…and face right! They’re all American!

Anyhow, I thought a blue metallic finish might combat this but the skulls were still too skull like. They needed more. So these baddies are now from the good old USofA. (Sorry cousins but the over-kill on some of the support weapons screamed American OTTness.)

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