Oddzial Osmy 15mm modern scifi vampires

15mm Blood-suckers from Poland

Oddzial Osmy (Oddział Ósmy) produce this range of rather tasty 15mm modern/scifi vampires. I bought a bunch from Assault Publishing during a recent sale and must say I was rather pleased with the miniatures (they are as good in the flesh as they appear in the sales photos).Oddzial Osmy 15mm modern scifi vampires

One important caveat – they are cast is a considerably harder metal than most of us would be used to and require quite a lot of grunt work to clean up – that is not to say they are flash-riddled – they are not at all, but what little there is is file territory (I even resorted to using a dremmel tool). Leave scalpel at the door.

Oddzial Osmy 15mm modern scifi vampiresAs with the other ranges they produce – Sci Fi and Modern – the heads are a little over-sized but this bothers me not a jot. Aesthetically and on the table it works for a more recognizable miniature. I’m guessing, but due to the harder metal, they have created some rather dynamic poses that might be too fragile in softer materials.

Coming soon are a bunch of OOs Insurgents which are absolutely brimming with personality and perfect of SciFi or Modern skirmishing. Also available in the UK from Fighting 15s which is where I’d have bought them not for the sale at Assault Publishing.


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