15mm Demonworld Dark Elves from Ral Parthap

15mm Fantasy heaven with some Dark Elves

I openly admit to having a very large soft spot for;

Add all three together and you have these beauties. I liked them so much I avoided the traditional ‘dark’ elf colour schemes and went for a more of ethereal, fallen high elf idea.

The infantry are from Ral Partha’s Blighthaven Skirmishing packs – which are perfect. I have all the released ones so far. No duplicates, decent balance of types and excellent miniatures. I expect a set of rules in the offing at some point to support and boost the concept. I’d buy it.

Ral Partha Europe Demonwork 15mm Dark Elves

3 thoughts on “15mm Fantasy heaven with some Dark Elves”

  1. Hello! I’m embarking on a 15mm frostgrave project using elves – a friend put me onto your blog and i was wondering if you would be willing to share your skin tone recipe?


    1. Hi David. As best as I can recall, base of white. Very light wash with a Vallajo blue wash. The detail wash with a Windsor and Newton ink (can’t remember which blue I used but so long as it’s dark shouldn’t matter). Then tidy up with some thinned white.

      Hope that helps?

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