15mm Shaun of the Dead Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Zombie survivors Rebel Minis

15mm Zombie Survivors: Frosty Pegg

I can’t believe I forgot to take and post a couple of pics of these guys. I painted them up about the same time as the other zombie hunters from a popular ‘TV show’ here and here.

No doubt great additions to the ‘back-burner’ project to do Zombicide in 15mm. Which reminds me – I’ve not posted anything to do with the hordes of 15mm zombies I’ve painted up…

They are from Rebel Minis, a stalwart source for 15mm goodness.

15mm Shaun of the Dead Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Just in case you think that red splodge on Shaun’s shirt is an error – it’s not. Just watch the movie if you haven’t already.

2 thoughts on “15mm Zombie Survivors: Frosty Pegg”

  1. Hi mate

    Another good showing, have converted and painted these in 28mm for a friend, but have got around to my own 15mm ones yet, I also plan on shrinking zombicide down, but not enough hours in my life left for all my plans.

    1. Thanks Dan. Yes I know about your plans. I left a post recently quizzing you about it on your blog.

      Why? Probably same as you. It would be fun. Therefore a bit of the drive is lost without the greater justification. True?

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