20 Year Shocker: Necromunda!

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Like many on LAF celebrating 20 years since the release of Necromunda, I too am a little stunned and feel a little older today than I did last week. Like so many others, Necromunda played a big part in my gaming experience and I remember often and very fondly of the rather lengthy campaign that was run at the SESWC back in the mid/late 90s. It was a blast and probably the best time I’ve had gaming.

In the spirit of the LAF discussion thread I thought I’d photograph and document the 2 main gangs that I ran back then. I loved playing both of these gangs – the Delaque were up first – then the campaign got to a point where gangs were increasingly overpowered and had to be retired – hence the size of the gang. The Esher followed and achieved a similar status over time before they were also retired. Then back to the Delaque until the campaign ended. There were at it’s peak at least 9 players and it ran for over a year I think. Colin Jack ran things and kept it interesting and I’ve still got copies of the weekly bulletin “The Outlander” which documented the campaign on a week-by-week basis. Just re-read some of them and smiled a lot – that’s why I hang on to these things! And most of the gang rosters!

I won’t bore you with the specific character stats etc but the gangs and their members were as follows;

Necromunda Delaque Gang

The Delaque High School Sixth Form English Literature Outing; from left to right, back to front – Hardy, Dryden, Donne, Blake, Wilde, Marlow, Shelley, Dante (Heavy), Auden, Milton, Byron (Leader), Keats, Burns (Heavy, Flamer of course!) and Elliot. The gang later saw active duty as The Cross-Eyed Poetry Pirates.

Necromunda Esher Gang

The Esher Eclectic Cocktail Party; from left to right, back to front – Moonshine (Heavy), Shandy (Juve of course), Smirnoff, Jacky Daniels, Mad Muscat, Tequila, Racy Retsina, Krazy Kirsch, Rum Punch, Gin Sling, Red Rum and Bloody Mary (Leader).

Some close ups.


I found a couple of Ratskins lurking around in the dark shadows (as you’d expect). Dead eyes.

Games Workshop Necromunda Ratskins

2 thoughts on “20 Year Shocker: Necromunda!”

    1. New game? Hmm. I think I know what you mean. I think Necromunda still has legs and that game and similar are responsible for inspiring a lot of the more ‘modern’ skirmish based games of today. I’ve got a cheeky post in mind for some simple conversion work on original Necromunda terrain to make it ‘work’ for 15mm Necromunda-like skirmishing. There is something about the 3d nature of Necromunda/Mordheim/Goblin Town with their platforms and high level routes that really appeals to me.

      And to say Necromunda is dead would be totally wrong. Seems to be a thriving online community and a resurgence in main stream gaming too. After all, games never die. (Did people stop playing chess because expansions and army lists weren’t released?)

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