Multi-Purpose Big Eyed Monsters from CP Models

Described by CP Models as Big Eyed Aliens – which they certainly are – but I’m sure I’ve seen their likes before but can’t quite put my finger on it…

Popular TV aside, these fellas were an impulse buy when shopping at CP Models a while back. I thought, “Okay, they’re 28mm but with monsters and aliens of this ilk, who’s to say they are out of scale with 15mm fellows?” At £6 for all four in the set, well… I couldn’t resist.

If you like painting flesh/skin tones then these are fun. I tried to give them unique head ‘patterns’ which works in the flesh but not so clear in the photos. One of the pics shows them with a Clear Horizon HADES team member. If I were him, I’d not be looking so cool. (More on those particular chaps soon.)

In the spirit of multi-functional, here we have scale-crossing plus genre-crossing goodness. Continue reading Multi-Purpose Big Eyed Monsters from CP Models