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Some Special Guests for Zombicide Black Plague

Over the last few years the offerings from a range of creators such as CMoN and Monolith/Mythic to name a couple have spoilt the table top gamer for choice and quality. The range of the miniatures in some of these games are very impressive and the quality is only getting better (looking at you Mythic Battles and Joan of Arc).

I had already had a run at eating into the plastic pile that was Zombicide Black Plague with the core box characters and the whimsical troop of tribute-Knights. Last summer I attempted to dig further chunks out of the pile. This first offering are the player characters found in the Paul Bonner Special Guest box. It is the only guest box which appealed to me at the time of the Kickstarter offering loads of character and a few minis that would not be out of place in a good-olde-fantasy-bash.

zombicide black plague paul bonner

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My Gods! Heaven knows how long this post has been waiting – High Heavens: The Board Game

If I wait to get any more of these painted I will never do a post on High Heavens.

As far as Kickstarters go, it was the most delayed I’ve backed (including Conan). The range of “Godly” mythological miniatures was too tempting. I was running a risk on quality, as this mini heavy game was coming from a company with little or no track record. It was also the first KS I ever backed – but not the first I ever received!

Well, long story short, the miniatures are not that bad. Not amazing either. I do like the sculpts (on the whole) and really wish I’d gone with the resin option. While the standard PVC ones are “okay” they are not as good as some you will see in other mini-heavy board games – Zombicide and more recently Conan spring to mind. Think marginally below Reaper Bones standard. C’est la Vie.

Out of the box there was some worry – as is the case with ‘softer’ PVC minis, the tales of super-bendy spears, swords, etc seemed to have extended to legs and shields.

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Gamer Confessions: Those bloody (Kickstarter) buses…

If you back a Kickstarter you hope its going to be fulfilled. Even better when it’s on time. But I wasn’t prepared for them all arriving at the same blinking time! I’m sure their creators have conspired to have delivery of pledges all to fall in the same space of a few weeks.

Here is the confession – what I’ve received in the course of the last few weeks, why I fell for it in the first place and what I thought of the goodies when they arrived.

Summary Verdict:
 High is good.
Guilt Burden: Low is good.

Zombicide: Black Plague
First off a real chunk of gaming-goodness arrived – Zombicide Black Plague in it’s entirety (Base game + expansion and add-ons). In short, nigh on two hundred 28mm miniatures (no, I’m not going to count them).
Summary Verdict: Awesome. I was hopeful for good quality (for plastic) miniatures and was suitably pleased. 9/10
Guilt Burden: Massively intimidating number of miniatures to paint – and that’s just the cool player characters and big monsters. 10/10

Dungeon Forge – In my pocket
At the price point, I couldn’t resist this neat little dungeon crawl set of terrain and miniatures from Spain. Very nice in the flesh. Scales great with 15mm. Already painting it up. Considering returning for more dungeon furnishings. Quite a lot of painting to get it game ready.
Summary Verdict: Awesome. Heroquest in miniature. 9/10
Guilt Burden: Quite a lot of painting to get it game ready, but nothing taxing. 6/10

Heroines in Sensible Shoes
Big fan or Oathsworn so had to jump on this one. Great character sculpts for any number of skirmish game systems. I did resist jumping on to the second Kickstarter more recently due to bouts of leadenitus (guilt derived from amassing too much lead miniatures).
Summary Verdict: Always great miniatures from Oathsworn. 10/10
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Slaine Face Off: Wargames Foundry vs Hasslefree Miniatures

A little while ago I posted about the huge scale discrepancy between a few “Slaine” inspired barbarian 28mm miniatures I picked up. You can read about it here if you like.

I got around to painting a couple of them. I’ve stayed pretty true to Slaine’s colouring and tartan/plaid garb.

Side by side – Wargames Foundry’s rather large ‘official’ Slaine miniature (AD5 Slaine the King). He’s heavy. On the right the rather more diminutive but perfectly sculpted and cast Hasslefree Miniatures ‘Volk the Bastard’ (HFH084).

28mm Wargames Foundry Slaine Fantasy Barbarian 28mm Hasslefree Miniatures Slaine Fantasy Barbarian

Volk –

28mm Hasslefree Miniatures Slaine Fantasy Barbarian

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Gamer Confessions: Please talk me out of it…

A post with out pictures!

Someone, anyone, please talk me out of pledging for Dark Souls currently on Kickstarter.

I do not need any more board games or miniatures.

I’ve got Conan and Black Plague still to arrive – so another big box of miniatures might actually kill me.

Yet I still need talked out of it. (Most readers of this blog will be well aware of the ‘shiny’ and ‘compulsive’ nature of this hobby of ours.)

Talk me out of it! There’s 10 days to go as I write this…

Slaine in miniature – or not so miniature!

I’ve always been a fan of 2000AD. Judge Dredd in particular. But a close second is Slaine, the celtic barbarian hero (link for those not familiar with him).

I mentioned a while back I’d jumped on the 28mm bandwagon and taken advantage of a couple of deals on the run up to Christmas to satisfy my thirst. What better than some 2000AD inspired lead including of course Slaine himself.

I apologise in advance for posting pictures of ‘unpainted’ miniatures but the point of this post is not the painting of miniatures but the scale. I own hundreds if not thousands of 28mm miniatures so know what to expect. But I wasn’t quite ready for Wargames Foundry.

Pictures speak louder than words so, first up Volk the Bastard from Hasslefree Miniatures – as you can see from the photo the spitting image of our hero Slaine. As far as miniatures are concerned quite brilliant. Great pose, sculpting and casting. Scale-wise, just what I would have expected Slaine to be like. Delighted.

Slaine 2000AD Hasslefree Wargames Foundry 28mm

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