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Practical scenic backdrops for gaming table “Dead Zones”

Some of you may recall from an earlier post an early ‘test’ at creating a backdrop for one of my fantasy city terrain boards. Link to post.

Here is a pic.

Fantasy Town City Wargames terrain print your own battle maps
Started playing around with making a scenic backdrop. Getting there…

The effort composed simply of Photoshopping some matching Dave Graffam art with some perspective artwork found online in order to achieve a sense of continuation from the ‘playable’ board. As you can see from the photo this works quite well and deserved further exploration.

However, it did have one draw back – backdrop or not aside, when placing terrain against a ‘dead table end’ like this does create a lot of dead space around that set terrain (i.e. you have a full depth building jutting against a wall where only the frontage is going to be useful in game terms).

Model Railway enthusiasts conquered this issues aeons ago for the same reasons with ‘low relief’ terrain/models. In effect, cut the terrain in half.

So with that in mind, combining the previous efforts with Photoshop and slicing a number of pre-built Graffam models in half, I made a panel that both compliments the terrain on the board and still plays an active, yet less intrusive, part in the game space. Pretty pleased with the result.

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Ugly, Nasty, Vermin from Splintered Light

Anyone that knows this blog (or me) will know I am a big fan of Splintered Light Miniatures and have painted, more recently, quite a few human dark age and fantasy offerings from them. A long while ago I picked up some packs of their brilliant Woodland Warriors range (technically 20mm but lets not get too picky).

I painted them up years ago – all ‘goodies’. They have been without proper opposition for quite some time. I’ve dipped in and out of the Woodland Warriors and painted the odd one or two here and there but only recently (on the back of a ‘completist’ order made with SLM – thanks David) I painted the bossman for this swarm.

So it was about time a decent force for the ‘baddies’ was completed. A good mix of weapon types, magic user, assassin, hulk, heroes and a swarm (latter not SLM but I think GW) – should do for any decent skirmish warband or the hub for a larger force to grow out from.

(See previous posts about 20mm Woodland Warriors for comments on the adaptability of these guys for use in 15mm or 28mm settings.)

Only 100 or so other Woodland Creatures to paint up…

15mm 20mm Splintered Light Miniatures Woodland Warriors Rats15mm 20mm Splintered Light Miniatures Woodland Warriors Rats Continue reading Ugly, Nasty, Vermin from Splintered Light

Out with the old, in with the new. Re-painting some classic dwarfs.

I thought this an appropriate post for the New Year on several levels.

I’d dug out a few miniatures from dusty boxes that might serve in games such as Song of Blades or Frostgrave. These two dwarfs were painted around 25 years ago and saw quite a bit of action in their day. I thought they surely deserved a new lease of life and at the same time a bit of an upgrade.

The block colours were okay on the original paint job so this was really just an exercise in ‘tarting up’.

Oldhammer folk will recognise them as Citadel/Games Workshop miniatures.


Classic Citadel Games Workshop dwarfs 28mm
25 year old paint job. Nostalgia.


Classic Citadel Games Workshop dwarfs 28mm
I don’t think that’s straight up tobacco he’s smoking from the look on his face…

Classic Citadel Games Workshop dwarfs 28mm Classic Citadel Games Workshop dwarfs 28mm Classic Citadel Games Workshop dwarfs 28mmClassic Citadel Games Workshop dwarfs 28mmA HAPPY NEW YEAR to all visitors to the Warchest.

May 2017 feel like a lick of fresh paint for you as well!

More Anthropomorphic Woodland Animals from Oathsworn and new ‘Flash’ Kickstarter

They have been finished for awhile and pics sitting to be posted, so I thought with Oathsworn running a modest one-day ‘flash’ Kickstarter for some more fantastic Anthropomorphic Fantasy Woodland Animals in 28mm that I should post this in their honour/tribute.

Check it out here – Burrows & Badgers: New Blood.

And also to say thanks for creating such great miniatures. My support is guaranteed.

These guys join the ‘growing’ ranks of these miniatures and Haggis of course. Still quite a few of them (and other Oathsworn miniatures) to complete…

Oathsworn 28mm Anthropomorphic Fantasy Woodland AnimalsOathsworn 28mm Anthropomorphic Fantasy Woodland Animals

Mr and Mrs Fox. A formidable looking pair.

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More Terrain Mat experiments, Prang and Desert Felt…eh?

Warning – image heavy post here. Illustrating a few things here (but kinda got snap-happy on this post to be honest).

In the pics below:

Terrain Mat (Flag Material)
Following the success of some Vinyl Terrain Mat printing via PixartPrinting, a subsequent sale came along for printed Flag Fabric. This made me think of what I’d read about Cigar Box cloth mats and some others that manufacturers were starting to produce.

Well, I had various art files floating around and thought I’d take a punt as it was only a few pounds to get these printed and shipped from Italy. The desert terrain mat in the pictures below are one of the ‘mats’.

Terrain mat flag material felt fields 15mm Prang vs Rogue Star Motley Crew of Spacefarers and TroublemakersI’ll maybe do a longer post about this in due course should I take pics of the other two “Flags” (one was Heroic Maps Frost Ruins and the other a larger town layout based of Dave Graffam art) but in brief, here are the conclusions;

  • cheap
  • light-weight, perhaps too light, but light enough that hills etc can be placed with some effect underneath
  • slightly transparent, which also means a loss in vibrancy of colour and saturation
  • as you can see from some of the closer images, there is a pattern to the fabric but to be honest, this is not really visible in situ and not really a deal breaker for me

Over all – a bit mixed. Not as overwhelming successful as the vinyl mats but certainly usable.

The Prang make an appearance
I had promised photos of these guys to Gavin at Age sometime ago. They’ve been done for a while but not photographed. These are not the ‘mini’ photos – they were handy while messing with the table – but they featured quite effectively I think in this desert environment. Proper pics to follow GBS, and Eli, promise. I think they turned out quite well. Continue reading More Terrain Mat experiments, Prang and Desert Felt…eh?

Mini Update: Brooding Elf Lord from Hasslefree Miniatures

Sometime you see a miniature that just screams ‘iconic’.  This 28mm Elf Lord from the extremely talented Kev White at Hasslefree Miniatures is one such miniature for me.  The pose and character of the model oozes, well, character – to such a degree that the mood depicted, the intent of the Elf, could be one of many. He’s ‘complicated’ – for a 28mm sculpt! Little wonder he is very reminiscent of a certain Moorcock albino prince.

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