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Mat procrastination finally pays off. DIY Fantasy and Sci-fi battle mats.

I’ve resisted buying some a gaming mat/battleboard for a good while. There are very fine specimens available on the market (Pworks and Deepcut spring to mind) but because I am an ‘in-active’ player I couldn’t justify the £30+ price tag on them. Plus, being into both fantasy and sci-fi I know I’d just end up ‘collecting’ a whole bunch. Up until now I’ve trundled along printing out my own boards and tiles and being ‘okay’ with the results. But there is a limit to what you can achieve with an A4 colour inkjet, graphic designer or not.

City Town Terrain for Mordheim or Frostgrave fantasy gamesI’ve been humming and hawing over getting some custom mats printed up for some time. I gathered a few quotes from printers and done a bit of online research. But I faltered. Procrastinated. I simply hadn’t ‘seen’ a finished example so I couldn’t be sure of what I would be getting.

Long story short, I joined Sam and Tim the other week in Falkirk for a rare gaming outing (which was great fun btw chaps). Sam tinkers in similar areas to myself and had had a set of vinyl 2’x2′ mats printed for (Advanced) Song of Blades and Heroes. We played on one and I was suitably impressed by the print quality and material. Sam proffered the printers details (see note 1.) and a printed mat (see below). Back at home  I started digging around for various artwork (see note 2.) that I’d been messing around with previously with a view to getting some mats printed myself previously. Continue reading Mat procrastination finally pays off. DIY Fantasy and Sci-fi battle mats.

Shedding some light on your terrain (Spiral Out of Control part 2)

Not really a ‘new’ topic but my earlier post got a little out of hand so I thought I’d splinter this off on its own with a little more focus.

I mentioned the Wargame-Model-Mods Kickstarter that I modestly jumped on recently and thought that I should post a few photos of my purchases in ‘isolation’ of all the other clutter I have a tendency to flood a table with.

I’m sure the addition of ‘light’ to a game table will appeal to many especially anyone interested in Infinity or Sci Fi stuff. So here is my stash from the afore mentioned KS;

FYI, floor are titles from the Battle System Sci Fi terrain set.

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How terrain building can spiral out of control…

(I apologise in advance – a much more wordy and pic heavy post than usual.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I’m not in this for terrain building. I’m not that good at it. I do enjoy it but I do get bored and sidetracked easily. And I start resenting it when I realised it has taken me down a rabbit hole and eaten up time I’d rather be using damaging my huge lead pile.

But I do agree with the premise that GOOD TERRAIN IS IMPORTANT. “We spend hours painting detailed miniatures for people to look at, then why not also the terrain the are played on?” More importantly, your little guys need somewhere nice to live…

Thinking aside (who needs that?) I decided I wanted to make some sci fi terrain for some interior skirmish actions. I’ve plenty stuff for sci fi habitations, colony bases, post-apoc shanty towns and the type of stuff you’d use for Infinity (cargo containers galore). Even enough for a small city using, amongst other things, Dropship Commander card terrain which works very well with 15mm btw.

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Oddzial Osmy 15mm Insurgents, Rebels or Post Apocalypse/Zombie Survivors

I recently posted about some blood sucking vampires from Poland. From the same stable come these rather brilliant 15mm Insurgents. Call them what you will, but for me they are some of those great multi-functional character models that will slot in to Post Apocalypse, Sci Fi or even modern conflicts in some cases.

Oddzial Osmy 15mm Insurgents Rebels Post Apocalypse SurvivorsWhat you see below are about half the models I bought that span several packs. Again, bought from Assault Publishing during a recent sale they ran. Check this page – I basically bought one of everything.

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20 Year Shocker: Necromunda!

Insert expletive!

Like many on LAF celebrating 20 years since the release of Necromunda, I too am a little stunned and feel a little older today than I did last week. Like so many others, Necromunda played a big part in my gaming experience and I remember often and very fondly of the rather lengthy campaign that was run at the SESWC back in the mid/late 90s. It was a blast and probably the best time I’ve had gaming. Continue reading 20 Year Shocker: Necromunda!

The Red Berets from Micropanzer – 15mm sci fi

I’ve been away on holiday with rather poor internet connectivity so the blog went on the back burner for a bit. Back now with a batch of figures all painted up waiting to get photographed (better than previous efforts I hope). I still have a bit of a backlog which includes these chaps from Micropanzer. I’m not 100% sure on the status of Micropanzer but trading has ceased for the time being and I think I made a big order (with big discount) just before shop shut.

As a result I can’t properly identify which codes or troops these are but they are clearly near-future types sporting fine (red) berets. A Google search would suggest they are SAS troops. Overall I really like Micropanzer models – the only gripe I have is the tendency to re-purpose a lot of body sculpts (and therefore poses and weaponry) across different troop types and forces. Continue reading The Red Berets from Micropanzer – 15mm sci fi