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Mini Update: Blue Moon rising in 18mm

US based Blue Moon Manufacturing do quite a fun range of minis. 18mm, but not so large that they don’t play well with ‘generous” 15s.

From The Three Musketeers range – The Highwayman.

18mm Blue Moon highwayman 18mm Blue Moon highwayman

A rather shady fellow – though that blood red walking cane is a bit of a give away. From the Horror Range.  Purchased at the same time as this fellow vampire – that’s how long he’s been sitting on the shelf (which is still positively nothing compared to some…).

18mm Blue Moon horror vampire 18mm Blue Moon horror vampire

Gamer Confessions: Please talk me out of it…

A post with out pictures!

Someone, anyone, please talk me out of pledging for Dark Souls currently on Kickstarter.

I do not need any more board games or miniatures.

I’ve got Conan and Black Plague still to arrive – so another big box of miniatures might actually kill me.

Yet I still need talked out of it. (Most readers of this blog will be well aware of the ‘shiny’ and ‘compulsive’ nature of this hobby of ours.)

Talk me out of it! There’s 10 days to go as I write this…

Mini Update: 15mm MiB FBI Martix Hoods from Rebel Minis

Sometimes you pick up an almost random miniature or set of miniatures for no other reason than to paint – no plan or nothing much to report. That’s what the Mini Update will be for. Mostly pictures just to record what I’ve done (for my records, not yours – why the hell would you want a record?).

I’ve made such posts before but thought I would formalise this type of post as I can see from my media library I’ve quite a few images of ‘unrelated’ paint jobs to post about at the moment.

Nuff said. The first official “Mini Update”.

These 15mm guys from Rebel Minis – clearly MiB or FBI agents or Agents from the Matrix or Gangsters from a Tarantino movie. See, just proved how flexible they are for games!

15mm Men in Black MiB from Rebel Minis
Yes, I was tempted to try and paint this guy up as Dirty Harry. But didn’t. If I could sculpt I’d have made that pistol in to a big Magnum. If I come across a swapsie I might change him yet.
15mm Men in Black MiB from Rebel Minis
Reservoir Dogs anyone?

Continue reading Mini Update: 15mm MiB FBI Martix Hoods from Rebel Minis

WW2 US Paratroopers? What’s going on here then?

Quick post (for a change). Aside from Medieval, Dark Age and a smattering of Piratical or Sharpe-like Napoleonic Skirmishing, I’m not really a ‘historical’ wargamer/collector. I did however pick up a squad/platoon? of US Paras off eBay recently – 25 of them for the princely sum of £7.50.

And they were painted to what I would class an above average tabletop standard to boot. I rebased them and went to work on touching them up (stop it!). Some washes, highlight detailing and adding some insignia etc.

Here are a few of them.

15mm Flames of War American Paratroopers WW2 Continue reading WW2 US Paratroopers? What’s going on here then?

Mat procrastination finally pays off. DIY Fantasy and Sci-fi battle mats.

I’ve resisted buying some a gaming mat/battleboard for a good while. There are very fine specimens available on the market (Pworks and Deepcut spring to mind) but because I am an ‘in-active’ player I couldn’t justify the £30+ price tag on them. Plus, being into both fantasy and sci-fi I know I’d just end up ‘collecting’ a whole bunch. Up until now I’ve trundled along printing out my own boards and tiles and being ‘okay’ with the results. But there is a limit to what you can achieve with an A4 colour inkjet, graphic designer or not.

City Town Terrain for Mordheim or Frostgrave fantasy gamesI’ve been humming and hawing over getting some custom mats printed up for some time. I gathered a few quotes from printers and done a bit of online research. But I faltered. Procrastinated. I simply hadn’t ‘seen’ a finished example so I couldn’t be sure of what I would be getting.

Long story short, I joined Sam and Tim the other week in Falkirk for a rare gaming outing (which was great fun btw chaps). Sam tinkers in similar areas to myself and had had a set of vinyl 2’x2′ mats printed for (Advanced) Song of Blades and Heroes. We played on one and I was suitably impressed by the print quality and material. Sam proffered the printers details (see note 1.) and a printed mat (see below). Back at home  I started digging around for various artwork (see note 2.) that I’d been messing around with previously with a view to getting some mats printed myself previously. Continue reading Mat procrastination finally pays off. DIY Fantasy and Sci-fi battle mats.

15mm Zombie Survivors: Frosty Pegg

I can’t believe I forgot to take and post a couple of pics of these guys. I painted them up about the same time as the other zombie hunters from a popular ‘TV show’ here and here.

No doubt great additions to the ‘back-burner’ project to do Zombicide in 15mm. Which reminds me – I’ve not posted anything to do with the hordes of 15mm zombies I’ve painted up…

They are from Rebel Minis, a stalwart source for 15mm goodness.

15mm Shaun of the Dead Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

Just in case you think that red splodge on Shaun’s shirt is an error – it’s not. Just watch the movie if you haven’t already.