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High Heavens: Greek, Norse and Egyptian Pantheons, RIP

It with a bit of a heavy heart that I write this post. Some time ago I backed the High Heavens Kickstarter as the game appealed greatly with so many Gods battling it out. The KS delivered and the game was good and the miniatures ‘not bad’. As you’ll see from earlier posts that I’ve painted a few others previously.

This batch I painted last summer. And this is the sad part.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon arrived.

Okay, MB:P is just the Greek Pantheon (Norse coming soon). It also covers far more territory than just Gods. However, the contrast in miniature quality in every regard – sculpting, material quality and conceptually – is far far better than High Heavens.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon is a much more appealing painting project I am afraid. And as anyone that backed the KS will know – there is a lot to paint. So the rest of the High Heavens Gods may not get any attention for a very long time, if ever. (I’ve recently finished the Core box of Mythic Battles: Pantheon and will be posting pics soon).

So this may well be a swan song post for High Heavens. Adieu.

The Greek Pantheon: High Heavens Board Game Painted Miniatures 28mm Gods High Heavens Board Game Painted Miniatures 28mm Gods Continue reading High Heavens: Greek, Norse and Egyptian Pantheons, RIP

Rise of the Undead: Conan the Board Game

A while back I was dipping in to painting up some more of the fine miniatures from the Conan Board Game from Monolith/Mythic. I though I’d select some of the undead troops and characters in case they proved useful as double duty in some other skirmishy/warband game.

This first one is an odd sculpt and I’m not that keen on it but it does look a bit better once painted. Conan the Board Games Mythic Games Conan the Board Games Mythic Games Conan the Board Games Mythic Games Continue reading Rise of the Undead: Conan the Board Game

Fantastic Plastic: A Medley of Repaints

As regular visitors to this blog will know I’m not much of a miniatures ‘snob’ and will happily try using ‘cheaper’ alternatives if for no other reason to see if they can be as good as their lead or resin counterparts when it comes to miniatures.

Here is a small selection of recent experiments along those lines. Take from my humble exploits what you will, good or bad. Here is a link to similar posts in the past. Fantastic Plastic.

Strontium Dog – a Wizards of the Coast Heroclix mini rebased and repainted. Continue reading Fantastic Plastic: A Medley of Repaints

Some Special Guests for Zombicide Black Plague

Over the last few years the offerings from a range of creators such as CMoN and Monolith/Mythic to name a couple have spoilt the table top gamer for choice and quality. The range of the miniatures in some of these games are very impressive and the quality is only getting better (looking at you Mythic Battles and Joan of Arc).

I had already had a run at eating into the plastic pile that was Zombicide Black Plague with the core box characters and the whimsical troop of tribute-Knights. Last summer I attempted to dig further chunks out of the pile. This first offering are the player characters found in the Paul Bonner Special Guest box. It is the only guest box which appealed to me at the time of the Kickstarter offering loads of character and a few minis that would not be out of place in a good-olde-fantasy-bash.

zombicide black plague paul bonner

zombicide black plague paul bonner Continue reading Some Special Guests for Zombicide Black Plague

Mini Update: A long overdue nod to Battle Valor Games

A very fine 15mm fantasy manufacturer that has not made an appearance on this blog as yet is Battle Valor Games. This is no reflection on Battle Valor’s offerings themselves but on my tardiness to get around to painting up some of the miniatures I ordered from them quite some time ago (that was long before they got a UK distributor Dragon Frog Games which will help with excessive import duties and fees!). I hasten to add, gaming buddy Sam set up his own online shop specialising in ’15mm for the skirmish-orientated’ which has pulled together some great offerings from across the 15mm market under one roof – including Battle Valor Games miniatures. Check his shop here  – 15mm Skirmish Supplies.

As an enterprise BV is a relative new comer to the market but they (when I say they, I mean Ed) have made quite a prolific splash already. Amongst the several ‘units’ that I acquired were also a few ‘Personality’ packs which offer quite an interesting and varied mix of character types very suitable for the ‘skirmish-orientated’. The three fellows below are from the Orcian Personality Pack (mini on the left – I am sure there is a logical reason for his inclusion alongside the expected orc warriors and shamans) and the Frigian Personality Pack (centre and right minis). Together they make a fine themed trio of brigand/pirate/thief types.

Battle Valor 15mm Fantasy Battle Valor 15mm Fantasy

More posts on more completed Battle Valor Games miniatures in the near future.


Mini Update: A Mini Medley of Randomness

It gets to that point where there is an eclectic mix of miniature photos in the media library that don’t quite link together or really warrant an entire post on their own (for whatever reason the questionable logic that is my reasoning deems the case).

So forgive the randomness in advance.

First up – I’m pretty sure this Kali-inspired monster goddess is from old-school Games Workshop. I’ve had her long enough waiting for a paint job. I was going to paint her in tandem with the Reaper Bones inspired Kali I did a while back but didn’t. A slight move in style towards, but by no means complete, NMM painting style. I wanted a strong red tone to stand out so thought I’d try an understated black armour to contrast. A bit heavy on the armour highlights.Games Workshop Kali Deamon Demon miniatureGames Workshop Kali Deamon Demon miniature

Next to GW LotR Theoden for scale.Games Workshop Kali Deamon Demon miniature Games Workshop Kali Deamon Demon miniature Continue reading Mini Update: A Mini Medley of Randomness