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How Big is your God? Miniature scale in “Of Gods and Mortals”

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” So they say. Well, the same can be said for scale too! This post and these pics were in the pipe for attention later but I’ve jumped the queue because of a very related post regards scale regards Mortals, Legends and Gods in Andrea Sfiligoi‘s Of Gods and Mortals.

I’ve only played a couple of games so far – one defeat and one catastrophic stuffing – but remain undeterred as at least the first game was fun (the second lasted 10 minutes).

We chose to go down the 15mm route for mortals (no surprise there!). Plenty of choice for foot, chariot, cavalry and the like be they fantasy based or historical. This kind of means Legends could be anywhere from 15mm up to 28mm if you allow for a bit of literary/saga/legend/folklore license. Then Gods, in my minds eye, 28mm and upwards depending upon the God. The more impressive the better.

Not yet used in OGAM, I plan to make use of some of the minis obtained via the High Heavens board game I recently posted about. Various legends ‘off scale’ could include the 20mm Hercules from the Age of Mythology board game sprues of which I picked up a few years ago for useful legendary types from Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology (happily the same pantheons used in High Heavens).

A few relevant blog posts:

But here are the ‘Gods’ on active duty at the moment, although Orion has yet to take to the field.

Triad of GodsIf anyone can help identify the Thor (Frost Giant), I think from Reaper or Grenadier, would be interesting.

Of Gods and Mortals Thor Frost Giant Reaper Of Gods and Mortals Thor Frost Giant Reaper Continue reading How Big is your God? Miniature scale in “Of Gods and Mortals”

Mini Update: Clan War Samurai reignited painting hobby

I can attribute my more recent return (in earnest) to painting miniatures to these two models. Along with a few others (cough!) they languished for quite some time with a bare undercoat. A few years ago I picked them up and decided to give them a go.

Whilst I did not ‘finish’ them at the time, they did spark off a proper return to miniature painting for me. New paints and brushes were purchased and a renewed interest in the hobby followed.

It was only a couple of months ago that I picked them up again with the intention of completing them. Done.

Clan Wars AEG Minitures 28mm Samurai Oriental FantasyClan Wars AEG Minitures 28mm Samurai Oriental Fantasy

I’m not sure if this guys face is meant to be a mask or not – someone who knows far more about Samurai armour will tell me if I’m wrong having painted it as an ‘ugly, angry’ face. Continue reading Mini Update: Clan War Samurai reignited painting hobby

More Terrain Mat experiments, Prang and Desert Felt…eh?

Warning – image heavy post here. Illustrating a few things here (but kinda got snap-happy on this post to be honest).

In the pics below:

Terrain Mat (Flag Material)
Following the success of some Vinyl Terrain Mat printing via PixartPrinting, a subsequent sale came along for printed Flag Fabric. This made me think of what I’d read about Cigar Box cloth mats and some others that manufacturers were starting to produce.

Well, I had various art files floating around and thought I’d take a punt as it was only a few pounds to get these printed and shipped from Italy. The desert terrain mat in the pictures below are one of the ‘mats’.

Terrain mat flag material felt fields 15mm Prang vs Rogue Star Motley Crew of Spacefarers and TroublemakersI’ll maybe do a longer post about this in due course should I take pics of the other two “Flags” (one was Heroic Maps Frost Ruins and the other a larger town layout based of Dave Graffam art) but in brief, here are the conclusions;

  • cheap
  • light-weight, perhaps too light, but light enough that hills etc can be placed with some effect underneath
  • slightly transparent, which also means a loss in vibrancy of colour and saturation
  • as you can see from some of the closer images, there is a pattern to the fabric but to be honest, this is not really visible in situ and not really a deal breaker for me

Over all – a bit mixed. Not as overwhelming successful as the vinyl mats but certainly usable.

The Prang make an appearance
I had promised photos of these guys to Gavin at Age sometime ago. They’ve been done for a while but not photographed. These are not the ‘mini’ photos – they were handy while messing with the table – but they featured quite effectively I think in this desert environment. Proper pics to follow GBS, and Eli, promise. I think they turned out quite well. Continue reading More Terrain Mat experiments, Prang and Desert Felt…eh?

My Gods! Heaven knows how long this post has been waiting – High Heavens: The Board Game

If I wait to get any more of these painted I will never do a post on High Heavens.

As far as Kickstarters go, it was the most delayed I’ve backed (including Conan). The range of “Godly” mythological miniatures was too tempting. I was running a risk on quality, as this mini heavy game was coming from a company with little or no track record. It was also the first KS I ever backed – but not the first I ever received!

Well, long story short, the miniatures are not that bad. Not amazing either. I do like the sculpts (on the whole) and really wish I’d gone with the resin option. While the standard PVC ones are “okay” they are not as good as some you will see in other mini-heavy board games – Zombicide and more recently Conan spring to mind. Think marginally below Reaper Bones standard. C’est la Vie.

Out of the box there was some worry – as is the case with ‘softer’ PVC minis, the tales of super-bendy spears, swords, etc seemed to have extended to legs and shields.

Continue reading My Gods! Heaven knows how long this post has been waiting – High Heavens: The Board Game

Mini Update: 15mm Vlad the “Unknown” Vampire Lord

Scratching my head on this one – I can’t remember where he came from and I’ve looked at the likely candidates but came up blank. Anyone?

That aside, he’s a perfect ‘stereotypical’ Vlad the Impaler type of vampire lord (without the Eastern European hat). I can tell you he is probably quite old – the metal is quite soft (that raised mace came off and needed pinned) but the casting detail is very high. He’s turned out a little brighter than I planned but this is 15mm after all and he’d look like a dark blob from further than 2 feet away otherwise.

15mm mounted and unmounted vampire lord miniature Continue reading Mini Update: 15mm Vlad the “Unknown” Vampire Lord

“I’m not dead” – Monty Python and the Black Plague.

It seems apt to follow on from my last post with this one, featuring character’s from one of the funniest, cleverest films of all time (in my humble opinion) – Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Whilst the film featured no zombies it doesn’t tax the imagination at all to see why Cool Mini or Not chose to include some of the characters from the classic in their Zombicide Black Plague character sets. Only disguised by ‘name’ there is nothing between the look of these and the Python team members. The only draw back is there are only six released – hopefully I could have ended that sentence with “so far” – no idea I’m afraid if there will be more.

Now these are not as ‘fine’ as the relatively recent arrivals on the miniature scene from Studio Miniatures (Medieval Mayhem) but as far as plastic board game miniatures are concerned they are rather very good indeed. There are some annoyingly positioned mold lines – straight through Sir Bedevere’s face spring to mind – but apart from that pretty good poses. Some painted up better than others but that’s down to yours truly and not the minis themselves.

Zombicide Black Plague Monty Python and the Holy Grail painted 28mm miniatures
Monty Python and the Black Plague.

Zombicide Black Plague Monty Python and the Holy Grail painted 28mm miniatures Continue reading “I’m not dead” – Monty Python and the Black Plague.