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From out of the Rad-Desert come the Sahadeen: 15mm from Rebel Minis

Continuing with the re-balance of fantasy vs sci-fi on this blog I present to you some Rebel Minis “Sahadeen” forces. It will come as no surprise that the desert style troops would also happily fit in to a barren post apocalyptic setting as well – it is not a coincidence.

2 squads of 8 should be plenty for the types of games I like.

Rebel Minis Sahadeen 15mm Sci-fi post apocalypse desert fightersRebel Minis Sahadeen 15mm Sci-fi post apocalypse desert fighters
And all together now…Rebel Minis Sahadeen 15mm Sci-fi post apocalypse desert fightersHappy gaming, be it post apoc, sci-fi or whatever takes your fancy.

For the Love of Sci-fi! I have not forgotten you…

Looking over my more recent past posts you would think that I’d lost my love of 15mm Sci-fi. Not true. But is has taken a bit of a back seat.

So more recently I dug out a bunch of post apocalyptic “ganger” figures with a view to preparing them for a Gaslands type thing (I say Gaslands as it seems to be the Mad Max offering all are going for at the moment though they could easily be used for any similar rules set). I’ve not got a copy of said rules yet but they do seem to be doing very well and stirring up interest in this genre once again. All good.

Anyway, as I looked at these I thought they’d do equally well as Reaver-types as well (see Firefly) hence I went with a more uniformed black colouring. I resisted covering them in blood and such at this stage so that they would be good for the likes of Gaslands too and I think they work out quite well.

Between the dozen, half are “Crazed Gangers” from Splintered Light Miniatures and the other half are “Post Apoc Gangers” from Rebel Miniatures (same sculptor?) but I can’ recall for sure as I did buy them a very long time ago and can’t see them on the site.
15mm Firefly Reavers Post Apocalypse Bad Guys Continue reading For the Love of Sci-fi! I have not forgotten you…

Can’t see the point of basing: A dalliance with transparent acrylic basing

See what I did there?

Nevermind. I’m a bit slow too. Like the time it has taken me to try out for myself the wonders of transparent basing. Many of us spend hours creating lovely textured and decorated bases to accompany our little painted gems. Personally I’ve always been a ‘less is less’ type of guy when it comes to basing. Keep it simple, neutral colours and focus on the mini. If possible blend in with the ‘expected’ playing surface (in my case the same palette for all bases and terrain bases).

These new(ish) fangled acrylic bases do away with the need for all of the above. You’ll have seen it done to great effect many times already but it’s taken me this long to give it a go myself.

Now, there is NO way I am going to rebase my entire collection. Tim Mc was right to point out that the benefits are far better had by sci fi settings than say historical or fantasy (where the variables of terrain type are larger, potentially). As good a starting place as any.

With that in mind – and coinciding with a foray in to Rogue Stars (28 and 15mm) – and coinciding with having  a few old and stripped down minis ready to paint – and coinciding with a Heroclix repaint experiment  – and coinciding with discovering a few 15mm’s didn’t have magnetically attractive washer bases – I thought I’d give it a bash.

(Negative note: Clearly acrylic bases have no magnetic or magnetically attracting properties – so a reliance on either for transport or movement trays becomes defunct – obviously).

First up, the 15s. I painted these guys a while back but when I was looking them out to take to a battle it transpired the washers I’d used were not ferrous. So I was going to have to replace them. I thought I’d try the transparent bases instead.

Forgive the indulgence but I’ve taken new shots (for Before and After) as the original post they were pretty ropey. FYI they are “15mm PNHE Cyborg Agents — Prohibited Non-Human Eradication” as the Khurasan site does not make finding specific models easy at all.

Before:15mm Khurasan PNHE Cyborg Agentsand After:15mm Khurasan PNHE Cyborg Agents Continue reading Can’t see the point of basing: A dalliance with transparent acrylic basing

Mini Update: Overdue Prang Raiders from the Ion Age

[EDIT: Previous post title assigned the Prang’s availability to which has recently been reabsorbed into Alternative Armies. That aside, The Prang were moved from to the Ion Age site some time ago anyway, so I got it wrong on 2 counts 😉 – and the Overdue reference is to my painting promise, not the availability of the miniatures.]

Excuses aside, this year so far has not been so great for the blog but the painting and hobby continues in the background. I promised these pics to GBS sometime ago and they did make a guest appearance in an earlier post but I’ve only now got around to posting their own, more focussed entry.

The Prang themselves, sculpted by Eli Arndt of Loud Ninja Games, are full of character. They make an excellent basis for a skirmish-level game, bug hunt or larger scale battle.

Available here on Alternative Armies Ion Age site, the Raiders being part of a growing range of Prang. Prang Raiders Alternative Armies Sci Fi Aliens Prang Raiders Alternative Armies Sci Fi Aliens Prang Raiders Alternative Armies Sci Fi Aliens Prang Raiders Alternative Armies Sci Fi Aliens Continue reading Mini Update: Overdue Prang Raiders from the Ion Age

“I am the Lawww… Biggest!”: Judge Dredd in 15mm and 28mm

I’ve already amassed and painted a fair few law enforcers that would not look out of place in Mega City One – courtesy of (Laserburn range) – my previous efforts are here and here. Old figures but still great fun. I recently picked up a few sculpts at a bring and buy that I didn’t already have and got around to painting them up to join the rest of the Justice Department.

I had also picked up a few 2000AD minis from Wargames Foundry in a sale last year so thought I’d paint up the Judge Dredd I’d purchased at the same time as the 15mm guys as I’d be using the same colour palette.

Here they are, big and little together.

15mm Judge Dredd 2000AD SciFi Skirmish 15mm Judge Dredd 2000AD SciFi Skirmish 28mm Judge Dredd 2000AD SciFi Skirmish
28mm Judge Dredd 2000AD SciFi Skirmish Continue reading “I am the Lawww… Biggest!”: Judge Dredd in 15mm and 28mm

More Terrain Mat experiments, Prang and Desert Felt…eh?

Warning – image heavy post here. Illustrating a few things here (but kinda got snap-happy on this post to be honest).

In the pics below:

Terrain Mat (Flag Material)
Following the success of some Vinyl Terrain Mat printing via PixartPrinting, a subsequent sale came along for printed Flag Fabric. This made me think of what I’d read about Cigar Box cloth mats and some others that manufacturers were starting to produce.

Well, I had various art files floating around and thought I’d take a punt as it was only a few pounds to get these printed and shipped from Italy. The desert terrain mat in the pictures below are one of the ‘mats’.

Terrain mat flag material felt fields 15mm Prang vs Rogue Star Motley Crew of Spacefarers and TroublemakersI’ll maybe do a longer post about this in due course should I take pics of the other two “Flags” (one was Heroic Maps Frost Ruins and the other a larger town layout based of Dave Graffam art) but in brief, here are the conclusions;

  • cheap
  • light-weight, perhaps too light, but light enough that hills etc can be placed with some effect underneath
  • slightly transparent, which also means a loss in vibrancy of colour and saturation
  • as you can see from some of the closer images, there is a pattern to the fabric but to be honest, this is not really visible in situ and not really a deal breaker for me

Over all – a bit mixed. Not as overwhelming successful as the vinyl mats but certainly usable.

The Prang make an appearance
I had promised photos of these guys to Gavin at Age sometime ago. They’ve been done for a while but not photographed. These are not the ‘mini’ photos – they were handy while messing with the table – but they featured quite effectively I think in this desert environment. Proper pics to follow GBS, and Eli, promise. I think they turned out quite well. Continue reading More Terrain Mat experiments, Prang and Desert Felt…eh?