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Pangalatic Legion has Landed: PF sculpts from Rebel Minis

Recent painting has primarily been focussed on fantasy and/or ploughing through several of the big miniature boardgames acquired via Kickstarter over the last few years. However my fondness for 15mm sci-fi remains as does my appreciation for the work of PF.

Several years ago I made it a bit of a mission to collect up 15mm sci-fi that PF has sculpted – no mean feat as he has worked for various manufacturers over the years in the US, UK and elsewhere. At  the time I managed to hunt down most of the available offerings but have not as yet managed to complete them all.

I did however, spurred on by a fellow 15mm sci-fi fan’s work on the 15mm Sci-Fi Gaming Facebook group, get around to painting these fine examples of PFs work. Amongst my favourites. (If you want to see other PF sculpts that I have painted search with the tag Sculptor PF Collection.)

They are the Pangalactic Legion available here from Rebel Minis in the US. A organised mercenary force made up of numerous (albeit all humanoid) aliens, bursting with fine detail, a lot of character and some great poses.

Painting-wise I was looking for a UN type of colour scheme but I’m not convinced that painting the guns white works or not – they look unfinished at a glance. Anyways.

First Squad

15mm Sci-fi Rebel Minis Pangalactic Legion 15mm Sci-fi Rebel Minis Pangalactic Legion 15mm Sci-fi Rebel Minis Pangalactic LegionNote: One of the heavy weapons is an interloper from Rebel Minis ‘Scourge’ range – needed him to balance up the squad sizes and still avoid duplicates. Continue reading Pangalatic Legion has Landed: PF sculpts from Rebel Minis

Mini Update: Commission painting of 15mm Alien Away Team

I was recently asked by Andrew Coleman of Four A Miniatures to paint up some new 15mm Sci Fi additions to his range of miniatures.

He has now added some of them to his webshop so I can go ahead and make a wee post about those released.

Meet the “Grubs” sculpted by Adam Gayford. I think you’ll agree they make very characterful alien civilians or an away team. Great for any Sci Fi skirmishing.

Four A Miniatures 15mm sci fi range Four A Miniatures 15mm sci fi range

From out of the Rad-Desert come the Sahadeen: 15mm from Rebel Minis

Continuing with the re-balance of fantasy vs sci-fi on this blog I present to you some Rebel Minis “Sahadeen” forces. It will come as no surprise that the desert style troops would also happily fit in to a barren post apocalyptic setting as well – it is not a coincidence.

2 squads of 8 should be plenty for the types of games I like.

Rebel Minis Sahadeen 15mm Sci-fi post apocalypse desert fightersRebel Minis Sahadeen 15mm Sci-fi post apocalypse desert fighters
And all together now…Rebel Minis Sahadeen 15mm Sci-fi post apocalypse desert fightersHappy gaming, be it post apoc, sci-fi or whatever takes your fancy.

For the Love of Sci-fi! I have not forgotten you…

Looking over my more recent past posts you would think that I’d lost my love of 15mm Sci-fi. Not true. But is has taken a bit of a back seat.

So more recently I dug out a bunch of post apocalyptic “ganger” figures with a view to preparing them for a Gaslands type thing (I say Gaslands as it seems to be the Mad Max offering all are going for at the moment though they could easily be used for any similar rules set). I’ve not got a copy of said rules yet but they do seem to be doing very well and stirring up interest in this genre once again. All good.

Anyway, as I looked at these I thought they’d do equally well as Reaver-types as well (see Firefly) hence I went with a more uniformed black colouring. I resisted covering them in blood and such at this stage so that they would be good for the likes of Gaslands too and I think they work out quite well.

Between the dozen, half are “Crazed Gangers” from Splintered Light Miniatures and the other half are “Post Apoc Gangers” from Rebel Miniatures (same sculptor?) but I can’ recall for sure as I did buy them a very long time ago and can’t see them on the site.
15mm Firefly Reavers Post Apocalypse Bad Guys Continue reading For the Love of Sci-fi! I have not forgotten you…

Fantastic Plastic: A Medley of Repaints

As regular visitors to this blog will know I’m not much of a miniatures ‘snob’ and will happily try using ‘cheaper’ alternatives if for no other reason to see if they can be as good as their lead or resin counterparts when it comes to miniatures.

Here is a small selection of recent experiments along those lines. Take from my humble exploits what you will, good or bad. Here is a link to similar posts in the past. Fantastic Plastic.

Strontium Dog – a Wizards of the Coast Heroclix mini rebased and repainted. Continue reading Fantastic Plastic: A Medley of Repaints

Mini Update: A Mini Medley of Randomness

It gets to that point where there is an eclectic mix of miniature photos in the media library that don’t quite link together or really warrant an entire post on their own (for whatever reason the questionable logic that is my reasoning deems the case).

So forgive the randomness in advance.

First up – I’m pretty sure this Kali-inspired monster goddess is from old-school Games Workshop. I’ve had her long enough waiting for a paint job. I was going to paint her in tandem with the Reaper Bones inspired Kali I did a while back but didn’t. A slight move in style towards, but by no means complete, NMM painting style. I wanted a strong red tone to stand out so thought I’d try an understated black armour to contrast. A bit heavy on the armour highlights.Games Workshop Kali Deamon Demon miniatureGames Workshop Kali Deamon Demon miniature

Next to GW LotR Theoden for scale.Games Workshop Kali Deamon Demon miniature Games Workshop Kali Deamon Demon miniature Continue reading Mini Update: A Mini Medley of Randomness