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Oddzial Osmy 15mm Insurgents, Rebels or Post Apocalypse/Zombie Survivors

I recently posted about some blood sucking vampires from Poland. From the same stable come these rather brilliant 15mm Insurgents. Call them what you will, but for me they are some of those great multi-functional character models that will slot in to Post Apocalypse, Sci Fi or even modern conflicts in some cases.

Oddzial Osmy 15mm Insurgents Rebels Post Apocalypse SurvivorsWhat you see below are about half the models I bought that span several packs. Again, bought from Assault Publishing during a recent sale they ran. Check this page – I basically bought one of everything.

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6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 28mm? Torn. And the Collector Syndrome

I’ve dabbled with all popular scales. 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm. They all have there strengths and weaknesses of which I will not bother to go in to here – there’s plenty of debate on the forums to that effect.

When I threw myself into 15mm as my ‘scale of choice’ I sincerely felt if offered the best of all worlds. I was looking for a ‘single scale’ to do everything from mass battles to skirmishing. And it does – for a through and through gamer. But I’m coming to realise that’s not what I really am. I’m a dabbler. Something of a magpie without any clear plan or agenda. I approach a project with a gamer’s perspective but never really ever fulfil the end ‘gaming’ goal. It merely acts as a motivator rather than a target. Continue reading 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 28mm? Torn. And the Collector Syndrome

Steampunk in 15mm: Rebel Minis’ Pulp Adventurers

I’m not 100% sure where the lines are drawn between Steampunk, Victorian Science Fiction, Pulp gaming or Science Fiction a la Firefly where the old (Western) meets future technology. And I don’t really care. Except it does mean labelling these miniatures is a bit difficult.

Labels aside, they are a fun group full of character. I’ve a modest queue of similarly themed miniatures which, if I were actively gaming, would all make an appearance in Pulp Alley, In Her Majesties Name, Rogue Planet or even a post-apocalyptic game such as Across the Death Earth.

Rebel Minis Steampunk Pulp 15mm Rebel Minis Steampunk Pulp 15mm Rebel Minis Steampunk Pulp 15mm

I really must get that field of depth on the photos sorted!

15mm Post Apocalyptic Survivors, Cultists or Ravagers

Since I bought these has expanded their 15mm Post Apocalyptic range and I’ll no doubt pick them up next time I’m ordering. As it was, it was actually the HOF Cultists that struck more of a chord with me as they were reminiscent of some old 20mm Dark Future Cultists I’ve had for decades. The sculpting on them is a bit less cartoony than the Post Apocalyptic range. All in all, they make quite a good group of flexi-badies, post apoc or sci fi.

I’ll no doubt pick up the new Mutants as well but they are struggling to match the excellence of these Khurasan sculpts (and these). They will all be keeping these chaps busy!

15mm Post Apocalyptic Survivors Cultists
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Yet another tangent. Going all PULP.

Like the poor moth drawn to the nearest light, I am but a typical gamer/miniature collector drawn to the next new shiny thing.

Maybe this is more in keeping with previous thoughts on “Indian in the Cupboard” where a mash-up of all the shiny things I like can be achieved – Sci Fi, Fantasy, Pirates, Wild West and Adventure. I listened to a review (an excellent review) on Meeples and Miniatures about Pulp Alley. I had heard of Pulp Alley but dismissed it as its theme appeared to be very “Indiana Jones”. Encouraged by M&Ms enthusiasm and a bit more research that suggested the system far more ‘open’ than I had assumed, I took the almighty plunge and bought the rules. At £6.25 you can’t go too wrong.

Well, after reading I think it might well be the Holy Grail of rules that I have been looking for. Character and story driven, simple rules, fun activation and the addition of perils make for a fun combination. In addition it does not take a huge leap of imagination to seeing this system being very adaptable to other genres. Indeed, perhaps a mutli-genre world where toy soldiers come to life and live in a cupboard!

The only immediate draw back I see is the fairly tight ‘structure’ used for creating Leagues/Bands/Groups. I suspect however a bit more thinking, play testing and research will open that one up too.

First stop I think will be Pulp Alley + Five Parsecs from Home. See what kind of offspring that generates.

Pulp characters