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15mm sci-fi bonanza. Got to have Police!

If you are going to have a world full of riffraff, mutants, raiders and mercenaries you need some tough police force. Look no further than MegaCity’s finest. Classic miniatures still available. (I owned some of these decades ago and must have passed them on. These I picked up at this years Carronade at the bring and buy – serious stripping and repaint needed – recently placed an order for a couple of bike officers – can’t help myself…)

Vehicles are Hotwheel repaints. I realise the paint scheme doesn’t tie in with the law officers but I came across it during a Google research and liked it. So borrowed it.

MegaCity 1 Judges from
MegaCity 1 Judges from
MegaCity 1 Judges from
MegaCity 1 Judges from plus Hotwheels

15mm Sci-fi bonanza. Movie Stars.

As I said in an earlier post, I’ve been re-bitten by the sci-fi bug. And, despite having plenty of miniatures (and terrain) of a futuristic nature in 28mm (and 6mm) I decided to go down the 15mm path instead (part of my rationale justified this by the fact that I had ditched my 28mm fantasy for 15mm so why not sci-fi too). I also blame the likes of Khurasan Miniatures who seem to be at the forefront of a 15mm renaissance at the moment. For me, they do for sci-fi what Demonworld and Splintered Light does for fantasy in 15mm.

Anyway, in a bid to try and master miniature photography (failed) here is a series of posts of recent acquisitions and paint jobs. Curses on all the manufacturers represented here for producing such good stuff.

Mostly Khurasan here. The movie stars; a robotic cop, a red demonoid and an archaeologist dressed for the gym. The liquid robot is from

15mm Sci Fi from Khurasan Miniatures Movie inspired character miniatures

No!!! 15mm Sci Fi will be the end of me…


I’ve gone and bitten off far more than I can chew – again!

Innocently raking through some old miniatures I came across a bunch of these guys and thought, “Oh, I’ll paint these and see how they will look with this new metallic paint I have”. Before the paint has dried nearly £300 is winging it’s way to Khurasan Miniatures for several kilos of sci fi/apocalypse/ horror 15mm stuff.

Whilst waiting for the order to arrive far too much time was spent catching up on the sci fi scene, rules and digging out old terrain and buying or building some new stuff.

15mm Alternative Armies take on Space Marines
15mm Alternative Armies take on Space Marines