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Mini Update: Sci Fi tech from the 15mm Ion Age

Another “in-betweener”. I’d been painting mostly fantasy lately so I slotted in this fellow from the Ion Age range from GBS also of and other great miniature lines. Duxis Pilot, Male, with control unit and Angis Pistol.

A useful and generic enough miniature that could slot in to any sci fi environment. I didn’t paint up the Duxis Drone yet that he comes with as he’s stand-alone (IMHO). He’s related to these fellows who I’ve had for decades but are responsible for sparking off my more recent foray into 15mm Sci Fi over the last few years – so responsible for a lot of money and time and lead!


IAF031 PRYDIAN DUXIS DRONE AND PILOT 15mm sci fi fantasy buildings complete

As mentioned in my last post, I’d jumped on board when recently released a rather fine set of resin fantasy inspired buildings.

They are rather nice and paint up well (I think). I do have a couple of observations;

  • To my mind they are scaled spot on for 15mm ‘old school’. With the current scale creep that makes them a little ‘dainty’ for 18mm. Having said that, it’s common practice for many to scale-down on terrain for best results.
  • They are very ‘fantasy’ so if your a stickler for ‘historical authenticity’ they are not going to double up for medieval or early renaissance for you. They’re fine for me! Having said that, they’ve clearly avoided the OTT fantasy paraphernalia that you’d see on the GW Manor House for example (which is a great set btw if only for the wall components).
  • I’ve been happy to settle for Graffam style paper buildings for quite some time. They are fun to build and look good on a table (and cheap – I’ll post a pic of the medieval city I built a couple of years ago). However, put one of these resin models next to a paper model and the difference is very notable. I think it’s one or the other, and not both mixed in together. An observation, not a criticism!

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No!!! 15mm Sci Fi will be the end of me…


I’ve gone and bitten off far more than I can chew – again!

Innocently raking through some old miniatures I came across a bunch of these guys and thought, “Oh, I’ll paint these and see how they will look with this new metallic paint I have”. Before the paint has dried nearly £300 is winging it’s way to Khurasan Miniatures for several kilos of sci fi/apocalypse/ horror 15mm stuff.

Whilst waiting for the order to arrive far too much time was spent catching up on the sci fi scene, rules and digging out old terrain and buying or building some new stuff.

15mm Alternative Armies take on Space Marines
15mm Alternative Armies take on Space Marines