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Nurgling Invasion: eBay can be your friend

I am a big fan of ‘re-purposing’ miniatures (as my Snotling army (aka 15mm Goblins with a sense of humour will testify)). It’s with this in mind that I peruse eBay and manufacturers sites. Looking in only the ’15mm’ category can be a bit limiting. Continue reading Nurgling Invasion: eBay can be your friend

20 Year Shocker: Necromunda!

Insert expletive!

Like many on LAF celebrating 20 years since the release of Necromunda, I too am a little stunned and feel a little older today than I did last week. Like so many others, Necromunda played a big part in my gaming experience and I remember often and very fondly of the rather lengthy campaign that was run at the SESWC back in the mid/late 90s. It was a blast and probably the best time I’ve had gaming. Continue reading 20 Year Shocker: Necromunda!

New Terrain from Poland

I apologise in advance if this is a bit wordy, but a few caveats and background is required. Also sorry for both the number and the poor quality of the terrain photos!

Some caveats;

  1. I’m no terrain builder (a dabbler is perhaps the correct description)
  2. I’m in no way affiliated with the guy that made this stuff
  3. I like ‘flexible’ terrain that will work with my ‘flexible’ brain and ‘flexible’ tastes
  4. The photos below show the terrain in question PLUS bits of my own terrain
  5. IMPORTANT: I almost immediately repainted the terrain I bought soon after it arrived. There is nothing wrong with the colour it is produced in but “it ain’t my colour”. I’ve included an image of the terrain ‘as seen’ on eBay which is accurate as to what I received. I painted mine with 2 or 3 shades of sandy stone colour plus some green for underlying ‘vegetation growth’
  6. Again, sorry for the picture quality and hasty terrain set up. I was limited on time so rushed both the table set up, addition of other bits of terrain and grabbed random (almost) miniatures off the shelves to illustrate scale. (I so wish I hadn’t used that cardstock bridge!)

As will be the case with most of you – I have miniatures and terrain stuffed in to every cupboard, shelf, under-table, etc there is. Why do you need more? Well you don’t. The world won’t end without it but hey.

Point of this post? – I believe I found a great bargain that offers great terrain with lots of potential – and I wanted to share it with you. Continue reading New Terrain from Poland

Some 15mm Sci Fi Classics (GW Traveller)

eBay is a wonderful thing and keeps getting better with saved searches and notifications and such. That’s where these chaps came from along with a host of others – all 5 of the original box sets produced under the Traveller brand, made by Citadel in the 80s. In total over a 100 miniatures ranging from military and aliens to adventurers and space-suited guys. I’m almost embarrassed to say how much I paid for them – £23.22!

Maybe a bit chunky by today’s styles but full of character and very well sculpted models.

I’m not sure on the history but I believe they were long out of production but many if not all of them can be had at RAFM in the US (link).

These are the first bunch that made it to the paint table – low-tech sci fi military. While humming and hawing over a paint scheme I Googled and saw this blokes brilliant paint job (can’t find the link right now but will insert later – Found it: Link). I’ve followed suit and gone with the GI colour scheme too.  RAFM Traveller Games Workshop 15mm Sci Fi classicsRAFM Traveller Games Workshop 15mm Sci Fi classics

All of the figures needed stripping from an over-zealous previous owners preference for Enamel Gloss. That’s not a critique – they kinda resembles some of my first paint jobs in the early eighties and enamels were the default back then.

No!!! It’s going to be 6mm that kills me…

Long story short – long time ago when I gamed a lot (in Edinburgh at the time) we had loads of fun playing GW Epic 40k. I have loads of the stuff and a good friend at the time ‘gave up the hobby’ (longer story) and gifted me HIS Epic armies. Add to that some stuff picked up 2nd hand I’ve several armies and then some.

They all gathered dust until I started thinking more ‘sci fi’ (see post below). I Googled 6mm Sci Fi Skirmish games and saw that I was not the only nutter around. People do do it!

Why skirmish when you have half a dozen armies? Inclination mainly, plus you can have a skirmish that is tank/machine heavy rather than troop orientated. With 15mm I see 20-30 troops aside with maybe 2-4 vehicles. At 6mm, the number of troops remains the same but the ratio to vehicles can be happily tripled+ for a very different type of game. Plus table size limits allow for a grander setting AND ranges seem more realistic.

Anyway, maybe more on that later. Plus the re-spark of Necromunda-type games, this time in 15mm BUT using original terrain (i.e. your world just got a lot grander and bigger…)

If anyone ever did start reading this blog I have a dozen or so gaming-dilemmas kicking around at the moment I’d like to share and get some ‘gamer’ feedback on. Any volunteers?

6mm Epic 40k Squats
6mm Epic 40k Squats – initial test paints to see how much longer (or shorter) it was to prepare and paint a squad at 6mm.
6mm Epic 40k Imperial Army
6mm Epic 40k Imperial Army – touch-up repaints of kindly gifted Imperial Armour
6mm Epic 40k Imperial Army
6mm Epic 40k Imperial Army

10mm Warmaster Ogres – make great 15mm “Uglies”

Many moons ago I dabbled with Warmaster from the Evil Empire. Some of the miniatures were amazing but having already invested in 15mm Fantasy I wasn’t about to throw my lot in with buying 10mm armies.

However these guys, along with some trolls, grabbed my attention. Brilliant sculpts and full of character. Again, they sat under-coated white for many years. More recently I came across this paint job on Cool Mini or Not and was inspired. “Must paint” kept coming to me as I tried to get to sleep at night.

Although 10mm, next to 15mm they stand as a band of rather ugly human thugs. Which is what they will be in SOBH. That and a boarding party for my planned Fantastical Piratical project (converted Megablok Pirate Ships, etc).

10mm Warmaster Ogres from Games Workshop
10mm Warmaster Ogres from Games Workshop
10mm Warmaster Ogres from Games Workshop
10mm Warmaster Ogres from Games Workshop
10mm Warmaster Ogres from Games Workshop
10mm Warmaster Ogres from Games Workshop
10mm Warmaster Ogres from Games Workshop
10mm Warmaster Ogres from Games Workshop