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More Terrain Mat experiments, Prang and Desert Felt…eh?

Warning – image heavy post here. Illustrating a few things here (but kinda got snap-happy on this post to be honest).

In the pics below:

Terrain Mat (Flag Material)
Following the success of some Vinyl Terrain Mat printing via PixartPrinting, a subsequent sale came along for printed Flag Fabric. This made me think of what I’d read about Cigar Box cloth mats and some others that manufacturers were starting to produce.

Well, I had various art files floating around and thought I’d take a punt as it was only a few pounds to get these printed and shipped from Italy. The desert terrain mat in the pictures below are one of the ‘mats’.

Terrain mat flag material felt fields 15mm Prang vs Rogue Star Motley Crew of Spacefarers and TroublemakersI’ll maybe do a longer post about this in due course should I take pics of the other two “Flags” (one was Heroic Maps Frost Ruins and the other a larger town layout based of Dave Graffam art) but in brief, here are the conclusions;

  • cheap
  • light-weight, perhaps too light, but light enough that hills etc can be placed with some effect underneath
  • slightly transparent, which also means a loss in vibrancy of colour and saturation
  • as you can see from some of the closer images, there is a pattern to the fabric but to be honest, this is not really visible in situ and not really a deal breaker for me

Over all – a bit mixed. Not as overwhelming successful as the vinyl mats but certainly usable.

The Prang make an appearance
I had promised photos of these guys to Gavin at Age sometime ago. They’ve been done for a while but not photographed. These are not the ‘mini’ photos – they were handy while messing with the table – but they featured quite effectively I think in this desert environment. Proper pics to follow GBS, and Eli, promise. I think they turned out quite well. Continue reading More Terrain Mat experiments, Prang and Desert Felt…eh?

Scale Comparison: 10mm Ogres from Black Gate as 15mm Brutes

I’m sure everyone likes it when a hunch, a calculated guess or even a gut reaction, turns out to be what you had thought. Such is the case from the new 10mm Ogres from Black Gate Miniatures currently running on Kickstarter with only a few days left.

Anyone who have seen the 10mm Ogres from Games Workshop for Warmaster will see how these fellas would make for an excellent addition to such a force. However, that’s not my main interest. Mine is from the 15mm perspective. I’ve even posted regards said miniatures before and their suitability as ‘uglies’ or thug types in a 15mm environment (though at the time I did not make any scale comparison shots to prove the point, duh).

My gut told me these were the same. After sending a couple of question to Black Gate regards scale Barry offered to send me a few early test casts to prove/illustrate the usefulness of these particular models with other 15mm miniatures on the market today. They have arrived, and I can happily say that I WAS RIGHT! (That feels quite good).

As a small return for a few free minis, I thought I’d post a few comparative scale shots with other manufactures in the market so that you lot can see for yourself.

First off, the casts sent to me, by themselves, tacked to washers that I normally use on 15s so that their height is adjusted accordingly when next to others.

Black Gate 10mm Ogres 15mm scale comparison
Black Gate 10mm Ogres 15mm scale comparison – the Bare Naked 10mm Ogres

Secondly, next to a GW Warmaster ogre and troll for the 10mm gallery so you can see how they tie in with those miniatures. Continue reading Scale Comparison: 10mm Ogres from Black Gate as 15mm Brutes

Classic Bug Hunt infested with Khurasan 15mm

I mentioned in passing in a previous post that I was planning on trying out using the game tiles from the GW Space Hulk game with 15mm alternatives. Similarly a host of Bugs from Khurasan.

The table I normally set such things up on was clear for once so I thought now’s the time. Here are the Khurasan Bugs.Khurasan 15mm Bug Hunt Aliens and Colonial Marines I’d bought a few packs of these a while ago. Then last year I made a rather rash (for me) “blind” purchase at 2015 Claymore of a rather large plastic storage container stuffed with, well,  stuff. When I say “blind” it wasn’t totally blind as a cursory glance showed ample goodies inside to satisfy the £20 asking price. I’d list the contents but you’d just cry at the bargain. Continue reading Classic Bug Hunt infested with Khurasan 15mm

Mini Randomness: Spring Cleaning the Media Library

I was just scanning the Media Library and there a few pictures in there to post that didn’t really have enough clout to justify their own dedicated post so I thought I’d do a bit of a random medley just to get them online. Apart from the 15mm there is little theme going on here…

A Reptilian Gladiator type from Splintered Light (I think). I was between some ‘unit batch’ painting and wanted a break so pulled this fellow of the ‘ready to paint’ shelf (I’ve a lot of those). Continue reading Mini Randomness: Spring Cleaning the Media Library

Sucker for butch Power Armour types

Another batch of miniatures that waited a good while before I decided what to do with them colour wise. Great miniatures with dynamic poses that remind me a lot of the Iron Man we see at the beginning of the first Downey movie – ie the prototype made out of scrap.

I’d been reading a bit about various alternative WWIIs and such like and thought I’d go with a German theme. The insignia is a bit of a give away but I quite like the gun colouring which is a nod to the colour scheme I remember painting on German aircraft, specifically a Messerschmitt 109, as a boy. Continue reading Sucker for butch Power Armour types