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Mini Update: “Northern” loose ends and a trip down memory lane

Like all in the hobby I remain a Magpie and flit from one project to the next (not necessarily having completed the first!). And some projects will simply know no end – such is my interest in things ‘Northern’. I use the term loosely and apply it such in both historical and fantasy terms. It can include Vikings, Norse Dwarves, Dark Age Saxons or anything with a furry cloak and warm gloves for that matter.

Here are a few ‘larger-scale-than-usual’ little paint jobs I’ve completed. No coherent connection between them except for the ‘Northern’ label described above.

This must be one of my favorite minis at the moment – this is a Rackham Confrontation/Cadwallon “Mercenary Officer” miniature I bought off eBay a while back now painted up. He will probably be a Captain for a Frostgrave warband (if Slaine doesn’t stand in) or a general for my little Saga force (I do not ‘care’ that he is not ‘Frankish’).

Rackham Cadwallon Mercenary Officer 28mm Miniature Continue reading Mini Update: “Northern” loose ends and a trip down memory lane

Rackham: Dusted off some warband members

During my hiatus from the hobby I did still flutter around the fringes and attend the occasional wargames show, sometimes with my son (in a rather selfish bid to entice him to the dark side). On one such occasion I allowed him to talk me in to buying  the boxed game from Rackham “Hybrid” which contained a number of very nice models and game tiles.

Racham Confrontation 28mm Fantasy Steampunk Frostgrave Warband Templars of Hod

Years sitting neglected and (almost) forgotten I dug it out as my interest in 28mm grew again. With Mordhiem or Frostgrave in mind I decided to paint up the “Templars of Hod” that came with the set.

After only getting half way through a couple of them (pictures) I’d already jumped on to eBay and made a few additional purchases. Likewise a deal on LAF which I couldn’t ignore. Continue reading Rackham: Dusted off some warband members