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Frostgrave anyone? In 15mm of course!

Frostgrave from Osprey seems to be the flavour of the month and attracting quite a lot of attention (noticed it even got it’s own board on LAF – I wonder how that works…). After listening to the chaps on Fools Daily ranting about it I finally caved in and ordered a copy – only £10 off Amazon for a pretty hardback you can’t really say no. Should arrive early next week. Continue reading Frostgrave anyone? In 15mm of course!

15mm Fantasy heaven with some Dark Elves

I openly admit to having a very large soft spot for;

Add all three together and you have these beauties. I liked them so much I avoided the traditional ‘dark’ elf colour schemes and went for a more of ethereal, fallen high elf idea.

The infantry are from Ral Partha’s Blighthaven Skirmishing packs – which are perfect. I have all the released ones so far. No duplicates, decent balance of types and excellent miniatures. I expect a set of rules in the offing at some point to support and boost the concept. I’d buy it.

Ral Partha Europe Demonwork 15mm Dark Elves

Finally, the centaurs have arrived

As mentioned in a post sometime back, these centaurs have been sitting waiting for attention for quite some time. Finally I got round to painting them up for SoBH or larger affairs (copy of God of Battles from Foundry arrived this morning, currently half price).

They are a mix of Demonworld, Splintered Light and I think a couple of old Ral Partha. Whilst more “heroic” in scale, the Demonword ones hit the mark for me. I have duplicates if anyone wants to trade.


15mm Ral Partha High Elf Chariots

These fellas have been sitting in my to-do-box for a very very long time. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said to myself, “You must paint these – they will look great”. Well, despite the huge pile of lead fighting for attention I finally did commit.

I really do need to brush up on my photography skills though. Clearly the field of depth is off (despite adding a bit of drama).

15mm High Elf Chariots from Ral Partha

15mm High Elf Chariots from Ral Partha
15mm High Elf Chariots from Ral Partha

15mm High Elf Chariots from Ral Partha