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Fantastic Plastic revisited: Little Gods

Always dabbling in other options for toy soldiers, not least options in plastic which tend to be hit or miss. Here are a few of my latest findings.

First up ‘Hercules’. This first one is effectively a 20mm plastic playing piece from Age of Mythology. I’d painted up a few of the Egyptian themed minis from this set a while back and some other Greek mythos before that.


I’ve also mentioned the High Heavens Kickstarter that I backed (and finally received). I picked one at random to paint up and it was the ‘Hercules’ character (that’s why I chose to paint up 20mm version above at the same time).

As with all plastics of this kind (quite soft compared to most wargaming plastics) removing flash was a real bore and less than 100% effective. Both painted up okay though. Options abound as uses as Demi-God heroic scale minis alongside 15mm mortals.

I’ve more to report on the High Heavens miniatures at a later date (pics of bent over Gods, hot water treatment, de-flashing tantrums, painting options, etc).

IMG_6709_15mm_miniatures Continue reading Fantastic Plastic revisited: Little Gods

In the Sandpit: Playing with scales and mini sources.

I was in one of those moods where I just fancied painting a few random miniatures and testers. I had a few barbarians to do – Copplestone, Splintered Light and TTG I think (the rubbish female – I wondered if paint would resurrect an otherwise underwhelming miniature – it didn’t).

Also pulled off the shelf were some ‘experiments’. A Reaper Bones warrior, a trio of Egyptian undead from the Age of Mythology board game and a demon from some other board game which I forget the name of at the moment (I don’t have that or AoM, figures bought as sprues). Also a repaint of a toy from my son’s more youthful days. I thought it would make an interesting creature. Remain a bit too cartoon like for my tastes though.. Continue reading In the Sandpit: Playing with scales and mini sources.

Fantastic Plastic: Reaper Bones Beholder

A good while back I picked up some of Reaper’s Bones plastic miniatures – mainly because I was curious as to how good they were for the price. And how they painted up. Below is a Beholder, 28mm. But for me, he’s a proper size 15mm kick-ass monster (forgive the blurry photo).

Beholder Bones Reaper Miniatures


Conclusion on Reaper Bones?

  • Detail not as crisp as lead/resin.
  • Flash is a real pain to remove
  • Some bendy swords and weapons to correct
  • Paint “fine”
  • Price vs Quality Sacrifice: B-