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Critical Mass Games Captain Bytt And Crew

Critical Mass Games Captain Bytt and Crew 15mm skirmish packThese fine chaps have been waiting for a paint job for a while now. Absolutely love the style, sculpts and detail on these. Again, some PF sculpts. Just wish there were more (gradually collecting all his 15mm work).

Minor conversions to the centre and centre-right fellows to make them more combat ready than originally intended (plus could do with some ‘Force’ types which I think they are prefect for).

Recently acquired an airbrush so may well go back and do their sabres more justice.

Captain Bytt And Crew

Critical Mass Games Captain Bytt And Crew

Teletubbie update (aka Psycho Boobhah’s) – CMG Astagar by PF

Great bunch of comments from the TMP forum, sadly split between 2 options – leave as they are, or go for the snake patterns.

By way of staging, here they are as a group with finished bits.


Here is the orange guy (tail fixed) pre-pattern.


Here is is with pattern in place. Thanks Kallman for the image reference – followed your colour recommendation.


I know what I think for the rest. Just wanted to share.

15mm Sci-fi bonanza. Out of this World Bounty Hunters.

I’ll be honest. I keep getting Critical Mass, Ground Zero and Khurasan mixed up sometimes. All offer such good ranges and I bought a bunch from all three at the same time…

Here are the Khurasan guys.

15mm Bounty Hunters from Critical Mass Games

Two shots of Ground Zero Games mercs/bounty hunters/interstellar riff-raff. Thanks to PF for correcting me here. These chaps are available from Critical Mass Games, not GZG. PF should know, as he sculpted these amazing miniatures! You should check out PF’s site. It is full of 15mm Sci Fi goodness. HERE.15mm Bounty Hunters from Critical Mass Games 15mm Bounty Hunters from Critical Mass Games

More on the way. The recon truck is a touched up Hotwheels. Took 60 seconds that one.