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For the Love of Sci-fi! I have not forgotten you…

Looking over my more recent past posts you would think that I’d lost my love of 15mm Sci-fi. Not true. But is has taken a bit of a back seat.

So more recently I dug out a bunch of post apocalyptic “ganger” figures with a view to preparing them for a Gaslands type thing (I say Gaslands as it seems to be the Mad Max offering all are going for at the moment though they could easily be used for any similar rules set). I’ve not got a copy of said rules yet but they do seem to be doing very well and stirring up interest in this genre once again. All good.

Anyway, as I looked at these I thought they’d do equally well as Reaver-types as well (see Firefly) hence I went with a more uniformed black colouring. I resisted covering them in blood and such at this stage so that they would be good for the likes of Gaslands too and I think they work out quite well.

Between the dozen, half are “Crazed Gangers” from Splintered Light Miniatures and the other half are “Post Apoc Gangers” from Rebel Miniatures (same sculptor?) but I can’ recall for sure as I did buy them a very long time ago and can’t see them on the site.
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Ugly, Nasty, Vermin from Splintered Light

Anyone that knows this blog (or me) will know I am a big fan of Splintered Light Miniatures and have painted, more recently, quite a few human dark age and fantasy offerings from them. A long while ago I picked up some packs of their brilliant Woodland Warriors range (technically 20mm but lets not get too picky).

I painted them up years ago – all ‘goodies’. They have been without proper opposition for quite some time. I’ve dipped in and out of the Woodland Warriors and painted the odd one or two here and there but only recently (on the back of a ‘completist’ order made with SLM – thanks David) I painted the bossman for this swarm.

So it was about time a decent force for the ‘baddies’ was completed. A good mix of weapon types, magic user, assassin, hulk, heroes and a swarm (latter not SLM but I think GW) – should do for any decent skirmish warband or the hub for a larger force to grow out from.

(See previous posts about 20mm Woodland Warriors for comments on the adaptability of these guys for use in 15mm or 28mm settings.)

Only 100 or so other Woodland Creatures to paint up…

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More 15mm Dwarfs (or Dwarves) and Transfers (or Decals) on Banners (and Shields)

Who doesn’t like dwarfs?
Who doesn’t like a lot of dwarfs?

Okay, maybe plenty of orcs and elves now that I come to think about it. That aside, I’m posting these vertically challenged fellows to show off, once again, the superb dwarfs that can be had from Ral Partha Europe and their Demonworld  range. (I note that they are pluralising Dwarf in to Dwarves rather than Dwarfs. I believe the former is Tolken’s doing and the latter is ‘correct’ if you asked the Queen. I’ll flip and flop between them because you’ll all know what I’m talking about anyway.)

Another reason for this post was to show some rather promising results from home-made, home-printed, decals (transfers in the Queen’s language). This particular batch of dwar-ves-fs contained no less than 4 banners so I thought it worth the effort (which was much and nowhere near what it would of taken to freehand these – if I could!).

Results below.

15mm Ral Partha Demonworld Fantasy Dwarfs
The four banners – the one on the left is mostly freehand apart from the hammers, the rest are decals. I think the difference shows and the homemade ones work for me.

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Scale Comparison: 10mm Ogres from Black Gate as 15mm Brutes

I’m sure everyone likes it when a hunch, a calculated guess or even a gut reaction, turns out to be what you had thought. Such is the case from the new 10mm Ogres from Black Gate Miniatures currently running on Kickstarter with only a few days left.

Anyone who have seen the 10mm Ogres from Games Workshop for Warmaster will see how these fellas would make for an excellent addition to such a force. However, that’s not my main interest. Mine is from the 15mm perspective. I’ve even posted regards said miniatures before and their suitability as ‘uglies’ or thug types in a 15mm environment (though at the time I did not make any scale comparison shots to prove the point, duh).

My gut told me these were the same. After sending a couple of question to Black Gate regards scale Barry offered to send me a few early test casts to prove/illustrate the usefulness of these particular models with other 15mm miniatures on the market today. They have arrived, and I can happily say that I WAS RIGHT! (That feels quite good).

As a small return for a few free minis, I thought I’d post a few comparative scale shots with other manufactures in the market so that you lot can see for yourself.

First off, the casts sent to me, by themselves, tacked to washers that I normally use on 15s so that their height is adjusted accordingly when next to others.

Black Gate 10mm Ogres 15mm scale comparison
Black Gate 10mm Ogres 15mm scale comparison – the Bare Naked 10mm Ogres

Secondly, next to a GW Warmaster ogre and troll for the 10mm gallery so you can see how they tie in with those miniatures. Continue reading Scale Comparison: 10mm Ogres from Black Gate as 15mm Brutes

Mini Update: Amphibian Multi-tasker from Splintered Light

Just a quick post to show this “20mm” frog warrior from Splintered Light Miniatures Woodland range. (Normal caveat applies regards “20mm” for these fellows as they work well as large creatures in 15mm and almost ‘life-size’ in 28mm).

He’s one of those ‘in-betweener’ paint jobs offering a break from large batch-painting. Plenty more Woodland goodness in the pipeline…

Splintered Light Miniatures 20mm Woodland Warrior Frog amphibian toad Splintered Light Miniatures 20mm Woodland Warrior Frog amphibian toad

Mini Update: 20mm Splintered Light Woodland Warrior – First of the Baddies

Another “in-between” paint up of one of the less-good forces that feature in Splintered Light’s wonderful range of Woodland Warriors. I’ve painted many already but they have all been ‘goodies’. This is one of the rat leaders which I painted up while working on a larger ‘batch’ of other miniatures (a good way for me to ‘make a start’ on the next painting project).

As per a previous post, David at Splintered Light was only too helpful in collating a large order for me that contained one copy of each sculpt available in the range. This means I have quite a lot of these critters to paint up. Certainly won’t be a chore as they are fun to paint and there is a wide range of creatures making for lots of variety.

15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm Woodland warriors rat from Splintered Light Miniatures 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm Woodland warriors rat from Splintered Light Miniatures

Although sold as ’20mm’, these guys being what they are can work equally well with 15mm through to 28mm scale depending upon how flexible your ‘perspective’ is on how large these animals should/could/might be. Magic + fantasy = whatever you want after all…