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Finally, the centaurs have arrived

As mentioned in a post sometime back, these centaurs have been sitting waiting for attention for quite some time. Finally I got round to painting them up for SoBH or larger affairs (copy of God of Battles from Foundry arrived this morning, currently half price).

They are a mix of Demonworld, Splintered Light and I think a couple of old Ral Partha. Whilst more “heroic” in scale, the Demonword ones hit the mark for me. I have duplicates if anyone wants to trade.


Minotaurs from Splintered Light

These are big guys, even for 18mm. Just means they are even meaner when up against 15mm foes. Yes, that is a ‘Red Bull’.

Splintered Light fantasy minotaurs
Brown Bull and White Bull – the red wavy thing on the Brown Bull shield is meant to be a matador’s muleta
Splintered Light fantasy minotaurs
Black Bull and Red Bull – the glyph on the Black Bull shield is the Chinese symbol for Bull. And the Red Bull’s heraldry is from a popular energy drink…