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Carronade stash: Filling up the Warchest

Had a great time this weekend at Carronade – Falkirk’s premier wargames show – and met up with old and new friends and made a few new ones.

I don’t recall ever posting about my ‘purchase’ stash before – it’s not something I feel strongly about – but I do enjoy reading other folks reports. So I thought I’d give it a bash as I picked up quite a mix of things.

First up – New items (i.e. not bargains).

Carronade Wargames show 2016 stash
I clocked the availability of these Time Bandit miniatures a while back. Sculpt-wise they are fantastic. They are a little ‘large’ compared to 28mm dwarves but, well, so what. £17, the second biggest spend of the day.
Carronade Wargames show 2016 stash
I thought I’d try enhancing my bases a little and at the same time pick up some ‘flowers’ for the public park in my little fantasy town.

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Slaine in miniature – or not so miniature!

I’ve always been a fan of 2000AD. Judge Dredd in particular. But a close second is Slaine, the celtic barbarian hero (link for those not familiar with him).

I mentioned a while back I’d jumped on the 28mm bandwagon and taken advantage of a couple of deals on the run up to Christmas to satisfy my thirst. What better than some 2000AD inspired lead including of course Slaine himself.

I apologise in advance for posting pictures of ‘unpainted’ miniatures but the point of this post is not the painting of miniatures but the scale. I own hundreds if not thousands of 28mm miniatures so know what to expect. But I wasn’t quite ready for Wargames Foundry.

Pictures speak louder than words so, first up Volk the Bastard from Hasslefree Miniatures – as you can see from the photo the spitting image of our hero Slaine. As far as miniatures are concerned quite brilliant. Great pose, sculpting and casting. Scale-wise, just what I would have expected Slaine to be like. Delighted.

Slaine 2000AD Hasslefree Wargames Foundry 28mm

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