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Talisman: In 15mm!

As the 15mm fantasy collection grows it occurred to me, for no other good reason than it would be fun, that I could proxy in some 15mm versions of the classic Talisman board game characters. I was about to paint a set of the originals so figured I’d be using the same colour palettes… Continue reading Talisman: In 15mm!

20 Year Shocker: Necromunda!

Insert expletive!

Like many on LAF celebrating 20 years since the release of Necromunda, I too am a little stunned and feel a little older today than I did last week. Like so many others, Necromunda played a big part in my gaming experience and I remember often and very fondly of the rather lengthy campaign that was run at the SESWC back in the mid/late 90s. It was a blast and probably the best time I’ve had gaming. Continue reading 20 Year Shocker: Necromunda!