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Classic Bug Hunt infested with Khurasan 15mm

I mentioned in passing in a previous post that I was planning on trying out using the game tiles from the GW Space Hulk game with 15mm alternatives. Similarly a host of Bugs from Khurasan.

The table I normally set such things up on was clear for once so I thought now’s the time. Here are the Khurasan Bugs.Khurasan 15mm Bug Hunt Aliens and Colonial Marines I’d bought a few packs of these a while ago. Then last year I made a rather rash (for me) “blind” purchase at 2015 Claymore of a rather large plastic storage container stuffed with, well,  stuff. When I say “blind” it wasn’t totally blind as a cursory glance showed ample goodies inside to satisfy the £20 asking price. I’d list the contents but you’d just cry at the bargain. Continue reading Classic Bug Hunt infested with Khurasan 15mm

How terrain building can spiral out of control…

(I apologise in advance – a much more wordy and pic heavy post than usual.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I’m not in this for terrain building. I’m not that good at it. I do enjoy it but I do get bored and sidetracked easily. And I start resenting it when I realised it has taken me down a rabbit hole and eaten up time I’d rather be using damaging my huge lead pile.

But I do agree with the premise that GOOD TERRAIN IS IMPORTANT. “We spend hours painting detailed miniatures for people to look at, then why not also the terrain the are played on?” More importantly, your little guys need somewhere nice to live…

Thinking aside (who needs that?) I decided I wanted to make some sci fi terrain for some interior skirmish actions. I’ve plenty stuff for sci fi habitations, colony bases, post-apoc shanty towns and the type of stuff you’d use for Infinity (cargo containers galore). Even enough for a small city using, amongst other things, Dropship Commander card terrain which works very well with 15mm btw.

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City Town Terrain for Mordheim or Frostgrave fantasy games

I’m not a terribly focussed terrain builder/maker as is probably evident from the end results of my tables. They tend to evolve and acquire increasing amounts of clutter over time without a great deal of consideration for consistency – I’ll mix resin, plastic, card, paper and foam core with 2d and 3d to suit.

The base for this table are 10″ square wooden panels. They were cut down from ‘left-over’ slotted panels used on wooden wine cases that I use as shelving for paints and miniature storage. They have a magnetic sheet covering and on top of that I printed out a portion of Pwork Darkburg paper terrain battlemap. Very Mordheim in flavour.

Some of the buildings and features appeared on another recent ‘Fantasy Venice’ attempt which follows a similar theme to this setup.

City Town Terrain for Mordheim or Frostgrave fantasy games
Some German Infantry (plastic HO/20mm scale) test out some Dave Graffam paper ruin terrain that has been based and bulked up with foam core. In the foreground a lone Splintered Light hero awaits a Blue Moon werewolf’s advances.

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Sci Fi Terrain vibe

Whilst on a bit of a terrain spree at the moment I thought I’d balance up the Fantasy with some Sci Fi images. is a website that I’ve visited many times over the last few years. I admire both Marcos Hidalgo’s talent and generosity in making feely available some very very nice paper-based terrain goodies. Kudos to you. Continue reading Sci Fi Terrain vibe

Fantasy vibe terrain Part 2

Spring cleaning some image files threw up a few more candid snaps of some terrain ‘in development’ I’ve worked on in recent times.

The first lot (canals) are some shots take later than these ones as things started to get a bit more ‘refined’. Unfortunately I didn’t take any ‘final’ shots which had more boats, fencing, debris etc – i.e. ready to play on! Continue reading Fantasy vibe terrain Part 2

Fantasy vibe terrain (randomness)

I’ve a bunch of terrain shots in my media library that don’t in themselves represent anything else other than me messing about with table setups whilst either painting or building bits of terrain elements. Apart from in my head there isn’t really a specific purpose.

So I thought I’d dump them here as they might spark ideas in others or more direction for myself… Continue reading Fantasy vibe terrain (randomness)