Demonworld 15mm Goblin

Coming in from the Cold with 15mm Green Skins from Demonworld

Most of you will have faced the same issue before now – a small handful of miniatures you’ve been meaning to paint for aaaaages but never picked them up for one reason or another.

Life has been a bit like that for me of late hence the prolonged hiatus from this blog. Coming back to it now marks checking off one of those many things that have fallen to the wayside – just like this little group of green skins.

One thing that hasn’t fallen by the wayside during this period is painting – and what I get out of it has been huge and rewarding. That also means, regards to this blog,  is that I have quite a back log of painted chaps to post and natter about. Not sure if I should post-date posts to fill in the break since May or just carry on?

Anyway, here are the little blighters from Demonworld (Ral Partha Europe). 15mm.
Demonworld 15mm Goblin

Demonworld 15mm Goblin
The little guy right of centre was a one-off Splintered Light goblin I picked up in a ‘Fantasy Gladiatorial’ set ages ago. Thought I’d get him sorted at the same time to avoid further orphaned miniatures.

Demonworld 15mm Goblin Demonworld 15mm Goblin Demonworld 15mm Goblin Demonworld 15mm Goblin Demonworld 15mm Goblin

5 thoughts on “Coming in from the Cold with 15mm Green Skins from Demonworld”

  1. Nice paint job on your wee minis. It’s a very cool rare fig with the orc gladiator. Maybe inspired by 80’s revival channeling the shoulder pads of the time?

    I suppose if your camera/phone time stamps the pics it might be easy to ‘go back’ and date them easily. I would think the major driver might be a desire to have a record of what you were painting when. It does seem to be a mechanic that is identified when talking about the pros/cons of blogs vs social media.

    1. Hi Dave – thanks for popping by.
      You mean the one with the beetle carapace shoulder pads? Yeah he’s fun as it the one with the big wolverine blades.

      Re: time stamps. Historically I’ve not dated posts by ‘painting time’ but by post day. I suppose it comes down to what is being recorded – the blog or the painting. So I see what you mean. I was thinking more about erasing the ‘quite time’ on the blog which reflects a period of my life I’d rather erase and over-write by filling the void. But then that’s reflective rather than forward thinking…

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