Fantastic Plastic: A Medley of Repaints

As regular visitors to this blog will know I’m not much of a miniatures ‘snob’ and will happily try using ‘cheaper’ alternatives if for no other reason to see if they can be as good as their lead or resin counterparts when it comes to miniatures.

Here is a small selection of recent experiments along those lines. Take from my humble exploits what you will, good or bad. Here is a link to similar posts in the past. Fantastic Plastic.

Strontium Dog – a Wizards of the Coast Heroclix mini rebased and repainted.A Nautolan from the long defunct Star Wars Miniatures game. Repaint to the head only. The rest wasn’t too bad as pre-painted miniatures are concerned. Another Wizkid Heroclix – this time ‘Calypso’ who I thought would make a good Soothsayer or Witch for Frostgrave. Complete repaint. The glossy hair is intentional. A demon playing piece from a boardgame (by Twilight Creations). Painted up to be some kind of aquatic beastie.  Gloss is intentional. Scaled next to 15/18mm Demonworld. That’s all for now.

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