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Fantasy vibe terrain (randomness)

I’ve a bunch of terrain shots in my media library that don’t in themselves represent anything else other than me messing about with table setups whilst either painting or building bits of terrain elements. Apart from in my head there isn’t really a specific purpose.

So I thought I’d dump them here as they might spark ideas in others or more direction for myself…

For want of a better title: Canal Town.
Laid down a water terrain mat and built up islands using foam core title I use for medieval towns. Added docks and props and a mix of buildings.

15mm.co.uk fantasy building – I have completed the full set but haven’t uploaded the photos yet. This is one of the larger buildings. Look great in the flesh. I’d say they could be scaled up a little bit.

8 thoughts on “Fantasy vibe terrain (randomness)”

  1. The second photo looks to be an ideal set up for a medieval skirmish between various miscreants (a couple of competing thieves guilds, band of adventurers, the city guard and ‘The Count’s Men’) looking for a highly mobile piece of treasure (a cat with a collar that is an artifact of great power). Of course no one knows exactly which cat it is and the docks area is notorious for cats, especially at night. These cats are the highly agile cats that might not want strangers handling them!

    1. Apart from fleeting moments of thinking on mass battles my mind is mostly set on ‘skirmish’. As per your cat-nap idea, it’s the story behind the miniatures and the environment that sparks the motivation. Escapism – sure thing!

      I should have taken more pics before I disassembled the set up as it was evolved and improved greatly and more stuff added. I’ve decided going forward to do this as it is so easy to forget what a ‘satisfactory’ setup contained once boxed away. Only yesterday I found myself making barricades then remembered I has a large box of great stuff from Anisty Castings painted up. Age…

  2. That’s a nice set-up, Jimboba. I like the two bottleneck bridges are far enough away through the streets to hopefully make one side blokcing them both impossible (or at least very difficult).

    You need to get more finished pictures of those 15mm.co.uk buildings up though! Very nice.

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