Ground Zero Games Firefly characters 15mm miniatures

GZG 15mm not-Firefly ship’s crew

I came late to the party when it comes to a certain Joss Whedon sci-fi TV show. Needlesstosay, the combination of Han Solo-type desperadoes living life on the fringes of space with a distinctive Old West vibe with Bladrunnesque accents was always going to be a winner for me.

These fellas from Ground Zero Games are excellent models of some protagonists that could make an appearance in such a TV setting. GZG kindly offer 2 options for each potential character-type. The first image shows a more vanilla take on some of a ships crew. The second set a bit more licence is taken.

That Splintered Light Miniatures order I’ve been waiting for turned up today (yeah!) – amongst many other goodies is another sculptor’s interpretation of the same/similar theme. I see a head-to-head vote-off coming…

I suppose a couple of these guys could also feature. Or another ship’s crew, that faced a more ominous fate, could join the head-to-head?

Ground Zero Games Firefly characters 15mm miniatures

Ground Zero Games Firefly characters 15mm miniatures
Does anyone else think that the captain here looks like Charles Grodin (of Midnight Run fame)?

PS As with all of my photos of miniatures, I really do think they all look better in the flesh.

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