15mm Doctor Who and Tardis

In honor of the new Doctor

First lot of pics of my recent efforts of taking photos of miniatures. Despite researching this I still can’t get a decent field of depth.

As to the new Doctor. Out on a limb here – because I don’t know what folk are saying because of my hermit like existence – but IMHO – it’s rubbish! We are about 5 or 6 episodes in and there has been one ‘not bad’ episode. The rest range from pretty poor to rubbish.

Don’t get me wrong – I think Peter Capaldi makes a great Doctor (potentially anyway) but the story-lines and some of the writing are terrible. Some of the dialogue can be sharp but come on, the rest is pretty pants.

Anyway, 15mm Doctor Who and assistant here. Obviously my take on a ‘future’ Doctor with smoking jacket (how un-pc) and hat. He’s from Bluemoon Manufacturing’s range of Vampire Hunters. The assistant (we’ll call her Amy) is a not-Walking Dead survivor from Khurasan Miniatures. The Tardis is a thrown together papercraft thing (with caved in roof because the thing was so fiddly).Doctor Who, Assistant and Tardis 15mm

Well, if your gonna mess with the good Doctor, why not a new disguise for the Tardis. The privé disguise could work both ways – “No way am I going in there!” or “My God I’m bursting”.Doctor Who, Assistant and Prive 15mm


2 thoughts on “In honor of the new Doctor”

  1. Have you been inspired to do anything Doctorish by the latest series? And has your opinion of the writting and stories changed having viewed, I presume, the latest series?

    1. Hi John. No. Nothing Doctor Whoish. I’m a bit behind on my viewing as both my kids have gone off the boil with Peter C. Tho I personally like him a lot. I was tempted recently to buy a board game – I think it was Risk – just to get a load of daleks but I resisted (for now). I think we have about 6 variants of Risk as it is! Let me know what you’ve been doing.

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