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Little Grey Aliens from the Canary Islands

Some time ago I bought a load of 15mm stuff from Javier of the brilliant Javier at War blog. Part of the lot were these very cute, almost comedy, grey aliens. I think I’d be hard pressed to use them as ‘baddies’ for that reason. Maybe they are the heroes or perhaps innocent third-parties caught up in ‘unnecessary violence’.

But then again, looks can be deceiving. I think the bright pulpy colour scheme helps the ‘don’t take me too seriously’ theme.

Ironically, although I live an hour or so from where they were made (15mm.co.uk), they had to make a round trip to Javier in the Canaries to get to me. So they can’t be considered Eco-friendly aliens.

4 thoughts on “Little Grey Aliens from the Canary Islands”

  1. When did I sell them to you, two years ago or even more? 😉
    Glad to know what happened to them. They turned out great! Congratulations and thank you for your kind words.

    1. Hi Javier – Just did a quick search on my Inbox – it was March 2014. There was a bit of a mix. Some still need attention but I’d just painted up some Khurasan ‘Red-necks’ (post to follow) and thought they’d make excellent opposing forces.

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