Classic 15mm Traveller miniatures

Mini Update: Meet “DUG” – A Classic 15mm Traveller miniature

Whilst I’m not the slowest painter on the planet, I do buy a lot of stuff and some projects take a good while to make it to the painting desk. A while back I posted about a great deal I got on some classic Traveller miniatures and I painted up some of the ‘military’ types over a year ago.

In the spirit of the Mini Update, this chap was an (almost random) mini I picked out to paint between painting some larger ‘groups’. He’s from the same purchase. Reminds me a lot of ABC Warriors or a bot that could be found in Mega City One – cartoony but in a good way.
Classic 15mm Traveller miniatures

Classic 15mm Traveller miniatures

One thought on “Mini Update: Meet “DUG” – A Classic 15mm Traveller miniature”

  1. Great figure there. I’ve been reading a bunch of the old Dredd comics lately. I must agree with the Mega City one vibe going on. I’m quite impressed with your free hand font work. My hand printing looks atrocious, painting doesn’t improve it.

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