New recruits: Judges

These sculpts may be old. They could be sexier. But I still like them. And if you are looking for elite law enforcers you can’t go too wrong with these guys.

I owned a squad of these way back when they were ‘new’. They were lost to time. I ordered up these new fellas to go with some I painted last year – I had no Law Masters and was missing this particular sculpt for a Judge so wanted to ‘complete’ the force. Mega City One will be all the safer for it! Judges Judges

7 thoughts on “New recruits: Judges”

  1. Very nicely painted, and they don’t look too garish considering the colours. Now if only there were some like the grittier ones from the Karl Urban film…

  2. It’s good that you’ve managed to avoid making these look too garish which is good. Now if someone would bring some out in the grittier style of the Karl Urban film…

  3. Thanks John. Yes, followed the 2000AD comic colours for these but didn’t want them “too” strong. And double yes to the Urban versions for these. Triple yes to an Angel Gang or ABC Warriors!

  4. …and how about a few Volgans (or at least some heads with the Volgan deaths head crest that will fit on 15mm scale motor rifle figures) and some British resistance (east end lorry driver with sawn-offf shotgun, upper-class resistance fighter in glasses). You might as well go pre-ABC warriors as well.

  5. I’ll be honest – I had to look up your reference! I may be a fan of 2000AD but Savage! even pre-dates my readership (and I have grey hair). In the process, saw some inspiring pics of Volgans (yes, Russians). I’d like to do a couple of squads of these in 15mm (so they can be thrashed by the British Resistance of course). Also good for Post Apoc settings. Anyone know of a good 15mm source?

  6. The Peter Pig hardened militia with a head swap and regular soldiers with A Russian helmet from the AK47 range would be ‘sort of’ suitable. None of them have the Volgan death head on the helmet front. They are a bit smaller than most 15mm figures as well..but as their purpose is to be soundly thrassed by the plucky British resistance this may not be a problem.

    On the plus side you if you read the series you won’t exactly be short of scenario ideas.

    I’ll go and have a rest now…I’m feeling old.

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