New Terrain from Poland

I apologise in advance if this is a bit wordy, but a few caveats and background is required. Also sorry for both the number and the poor quality of the terrain photos!

Some caveats;

  1. I’m no terrain builder (a dabbler is perhaps the correct description)
  2. I’m in no way affiliated with the guy that made this stuff
  3. I like ‘flexible’ terrain that will work with my ‘flexible’ brain and ‘flexible’ tastes
  4. The photos below show the terrain in question PLUS bits of my own terrain
  5. IMPORTANT: I almost immediately repainted the terrain I bought soon after it arrived. There is nothing wrong with the colour it is produced in but “it ain’t my colour”. I’ve included an image of the terrain ‘as seen’ on eBay which is accurate as to what I received. I painted mine with 2 or 3 shades of sandy stone colour plus some green for underlying ‘vegetation growth’
  6. Again, sorry for the picture quality and hasty terrain set up. I was limited on time so rushed both the table set up, addition of other bits of terrain and grabbed random (almost) miniatures off the shelves to illustrate scale. (I so wish I hadn’t used that cardstock bridge!)

As will be the case with most of you – I have miniatures and terrain stuffed in to every cupboard, shelf, under-table, etc there is. Why do you need more? Well you don’t. The world won’t end without it but hey.

Point of this post? – I believe I found a great bargain that offers great terrain with lots of potential – and I wanted to share it with you.

This terrain is titled ‘Goblin Town’. I bought the GW boxset of The Hobbit’s Goblin Town when it came out DESPITE not being a collector of 28mm miniatures (any more) and a bit of a GW-hater (okay, more of a GW-disliker. Life is too short to hate people that make toy soldiers for a living). I still liked the miniatures and the ‘concept’ of the terrain enough. Indeed, the terrain is the only component part I’ve painted so far (see some in the pics). I think the appeal was the multi-level platformer dimension it brings to the table – think Necromunda/Mordheim.

Long story short, this terrain set does several things for me;

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s genre neutral – I can easily see this with Sci Fi, Fantasy, Post Apocalypse, Western, Pulp Adventures, Pirates, etc
  • It’s fairly scale neutral – or judge for yourself from the pics. Some sticklers will argue the planks are too big, the steps too tall and so forth. But the sticklers can stick.
  • There is a lot of it = more flexibility. The set up below is 3′ x 2.5′. I’ve used none of the rocks sent (see pic with draw full)  or all of the walkways and ladders so I can see the £50 worth I bought easily filling a 4′ x 4′ table.
  • It’s easy to customise and upgrade – I’ve already made some tunnels and steps with a view to adding some spiralling walkways and perhaps a winch/pully thing.
  • Small note: The same chap also supplied the pre-painted barrels and chests. Again a good deal. Around £8 gets you a lot of bits, much of which is good for 15mm too. The painting is ‘okay’ and good to play with from the go. I have already touched up and detailed them a bit more. But that says more about me than the scatter terrain. Also, it’s a lot quicker to do that than starting from nothing.
  • Note to terrain builders: Like I mentioned, I’m not a terrain-guy. And I know this stuff is not difficult to scratch build. But for me, when applying Cost vs Time vs Results vs Actually Getting It Done, this terrain set made sense to me.
  • Further note: As you might see from the photo of the extra rocks in the drawer – I bored holes into the bases of these and glued in various coppers to make them weighted at the base. Without that they were going to be too light and prone to knocking over. Not a big job.

Below is the original eBay picture for reference – of course I was not thoughtful enough to photograph the terrain I bought before attacking it with paint. That would have been too useful.

This photo shows a total of 3 Sets together. That came in at around £120/150 I think (not on eBay at the moment). I didn’t need that much nor did I want to spend that much so I contacted Chris at Hazard Manufacture (site and on eBay) and he happily offered to create a set to match my budget of £50. All in all, I’m pretty sure he gave me far more than would ‘mathematically’ fit in to one and a half sets as advertised. There were lots. He was a pleasure to deal with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. I’ll be going back.

Chris and Hazard Manufacture are based in Poland. Despite this Chris’ communication in English is very good and the terrain arrived within a few days of ordering. Decent rates too.

hobbit town auction

Here are the barrels and scatter terrain on eBay.



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