6mm Epic 40k Imperial Army

No!!! It’s going to be 6mm that kills me…

Long story short – long time ago when I gamed a lot (in Edinburgh at the time) we had loads of fun playing GW Epic 40k. I have loads of the stuff and a good friend at the time ‘gave up the hobby’ (longer story) and gifted me HIS Epic armies. Add to that some stuff picked up 2nd hand I’ve several armies and then some.

They all gathered dust until I started thinking more ‘sci fi’ (see post below). I Googled 6mm Sci Fi Skirmish games and saw that I was not the only nutter around. People do do it!

Why skirmish when you have half a dozen armies? Inclination mainly, plus you can have a skirmish that is tank/machine heavy rather than troop orientated. With 15mm I see 20-30 troops aside with maybe 2-4 vehicles. At 6mm, the number of troops remains the same but the ratio to vehicles can be happily tripled+ for a very different type of game. Plus table size limits allow for a grander setting AND ranges seem more realistic.

Anyway, maybe more on that later. Plus the re-spark of Necromunda-type games, this time in 15mm BUT using original terrain (i.e. your world just got a lot grander and bigger…)

If anyone ever did start reading this blog I have a dozen or so gaming-dilemmas kicking around at the moment I’d like to share and get some ‘gamer’ feedback on. Any volunteers?

6mm Epic 40k Squats
6mm Epic 40k Squats – initial test paints to see how much longer (or shorter) it was to prepare and paint a squad at 6mm.
6mm Epic 40k Imperial Army
6mm Epic 40k Imperial Army – touch-up repaints of kindly gifted Imperial Armour
6mm Epic 40k Imperial Army
6mm Epic 40k Imperial Army

3 thoughts on “No!!! It’s going to be 6mm that kills me…”

  1. Great idea to do necromancy-type skirmish, but using the 28mm terrain. Not thought of that before but something I want to try. What rules might you try?

    1. Hi Mousaka. In the same way that scale shouldn’t be a barrier the same goes for rules. If the game, say 40k for example, is traditionally played in 28mm, there is no reason that with a few scale/ range tweaks that it can be played in 15mm or 6mm. The same goes for skirmish games like Infinity or the like. The world is your oyster.

      I’ve looked at infinity, Kings of War, WFB, Saga, Frostgrave, and countless others in different scales from the prescribed ranges that are sold along side the games mechanics.

      Two rules to remember. 1. If it looks ‘right’ it’s because it is (your preferences and eye count) and 2. It pains me to say this but your miniatures are after all ‘playing pieces’ in an already abstract game environment. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong. Look at the range of sizes of Chess sets as an example. Matters not. Indeed. Some games look more realistic when played at smaller scales as perceived ground scales and weapons ranges take a little step closer to being realistic.

      Sorry for the sermon nature of my reply. But sometimes the scale restrictions gamers accept or self impose can leave me scratching my head.

  2. I agree, and also like the idea of using rogue trader rules (which I still have) but with smaller scale models, as this initial universe fluff has so much potential! Also, don’t have much time to make new terrain, so good to reuse what you have!

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