Oathsworn 28mm Dwarf

Oathsworn Dwarfs: Resist OTT

In addition to having a very large soft spot for Oathsworn’s Burrows and Badgers range of anthropomorphic fantasy woodland creatures, I must also confess to liking both their dwarfs and halflings as well. (As well as their recently funded Kickstarter campaign “Heroines in Sensible Shoes” which has since been followed up with another Kickstarter along the same lines.)

As I now juggle between both 15mm and 28mm on a more regular basis it feels like ‘overall’ progress slows right down (you’d expect a 28mm miniature to take twice as long to paint as a 15mm but in reality – for me – it’s more like 3 times if not more).

Here are a couple of dwarves painted up – several more to follow along with a generous amount of halflings to boot. Show these guys your support for the smaller business by buying here.

Oathsworn 28mm Dwarf Oathsworn 28mm Dwarf Oathsworn 28mm Dwarf

Oathsworn 28mm Dwarf Oathsworn 28mm Dwarf

My view on these models? Dwarf collectors are spoilt for choice when it comes to Dwarfs so it must be a hard sell. But these dwarfs from Oathsworn are certainly among the finest for sculpting and casting. Stylistically they stop short of being ‘over the top’ like so many other fantasy lines but with enough fantasy detailing to entertain the eye. A great balance in my opinion.

In a way, like Oathsworn’s recent ‘Heroines’ releases, they’ve shown restraint in their subject here as well, making for what should be classic and timeless miniatures.

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  1. Once again, your painting skills astound me! What do you use for primer? I normally use a spray on enamel one, but the weather here in eastern Tennessee is so humid. I’ve tried gesso, but I am not that happy with it.


    1. Thanks Chris. Not sure what to suggest for primer. I use spray primer too (and not always the expensive stuff needed) but have very different weather here in Scotland. Also a big garage where I spray
      Maybe an airbrush with primer? More hassle but…
      Or you could take a holiday somewhere dry and batch spray.
      Thanks for dropping by.

      1. I use Plastikote sandable grey primer cans mostly. I think this is designed for cars but it has never let me down and it is one of the few paints that dry completely matt. I live on an Island in the middle of the Med. Temp is around 30 to 33 deg C & humidity 54 + so perhaps this will help.


          1. Private island indeed, something like out of of a Bond film, no such luck mate.
            Look up Malta & it is in the middle of the Med approximately.


          1. Can’t hurt to try Angelo’s suggestion of Plastikote.

            I’ve used it myself and can testify to it being ‘fit for purpose’ as far as priming miniatures is concerned. So hopefully this brand will combat the humidity aspect you both face. (In Scotland ‘humidity’ = ‘rain’ which isn’t quite the same thing…)

          2. Chris, and even though it is mainly designed for car body work, it is thin enough not to obscure miniature detail. It is also very strong , in fact when I use their spray varnish I have to pry the models with a hobby knife as the plastic bases stick to the board on which they are sprayed …. I also use their white & black but the grey has the best matt finish.
            The downside might be it’s made in UK so may not be readily available in USA.
            Jimboba may your wish come true. :):):)

  2. No suggestions with undercoat I’m sorry to say but very nice painting.

    Also a small pice of mathematics (sorry aobut this):-

    Assume 15mm miniature is 18mm high
    assume 28mm miniature is 32mm high
    32/18 = 1.77
    1.77^ 2 ≈ 3

    Therefore a 28mm model has approximately three times the surface area of a 15mm one so it will take about three times as long to paint.

    Must go and rest now by painting a few little lead men

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