Rebel Miniatures 15mm Titan Marines

Rebel Titan Marines go all Oriental

I think most people will agree that Rebel Miniatures Titan Marines make good “baddies” with their sinister face-masks and Germanesque style helmets. Even the elite troopers are called Stormtroopers.

Inspired by the packaging artwork on some terrain sitting near by at the time, I decided to make my chaps “Samurai” centric. The helmets lend themselves to the look and with the addition of some banners, helmet decorations and gloss for lacquer, hey presto.

Good for sci fi, post apocalypse or weird war 2?

UPDATE: I’ve since become aware of’s Corporate Ashigaru range and Ground Zero Games Japanese Corporate Ashigaru. What to do? Complimentary forces, or rival clans…

Rebel Miniatures 15mm Titan Marines Rebel Miniatures 15mm Titan Stormtroopers

This is the image from the Hexagon terrain set. Now only if this guy was available in 15mm…

japanese street warrior

3 thoughts on “Rebel Titan Marines go all Oriental”

  1. Hi!

    Absolutely cracking work on those neo-ronin types. They really do remind me of the VASA Triads from Void and Mishima samurai from Warzone! I am going to have to shamelessly steal the idea for myself now!

    All the best!

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