Shedding some light on your terrain (Spiral Out of Control part 2)

Not really a ‘new’ topic but my earlier post got a little out of hand so I thought I’d splinter this off on its own with a little more focus.

I mentioned the Wargame-Model-Mods Kickstarter that I modestly jumped on recently and thought that I should post a few photos of my purchases in ‘isolation’ of all the other clutter I have a tendency to flood a table with.

I’m sure the addition of ‘light’ to a game table will appeal to many especially anyone interested in Infinity or Sci Fi stuff. So here is my stash from the afore mentioned KS;

FYI, floor are titles from the Battle System Sci Fi terrain set.

Vehicles are I believe from Ground Zero Games (eBay purchase). Lone human I think is also GZG (also eBay). Zombies are Rebel ones I think – I’ve that many from various sources I forget… could be Khurasan.

IMG_6649_15mm_miniatures IMG_6648_15mm_miniatures IMG_6647_15mm_miniatures IMG_6645_15mm_miniatures IMG_6644_15mm_miniatures IMG_6643_15mm_miniatures IMG_6642_15mm_miniatures

As you can imagine (should have dropped some pics with 28mm miniatures in there too) they are pretty scale independent. I’ve tested ‘skinning’ one of the towers which will make it tie-in with the terrain I was playing around with in the last post (wallpaper and resin doors etc. Adding railings would be an idea too).

What you can’t see from the photos is that they are currently painted in 2 tones of blue (from Farrow & Ball paint sample tins!) which is relatively neutral.

Well done to Thomas Farnell of Wargame-Model-Mods for running a painless and successful KS!

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