Soldiers in My Cupboard

I look at my miniature collection (varied) and look at the numerous rules sets I have (varied also). But I’m struggling to find something that clicks with me. It is as much about the settings and scales as it is about mechanics.

Desire – a gaming world/universe where sci fi meets fantasy, which meets old west, post apocalypse, dark ages or horror and pirates…

Sounds a bit like Disneyland!

I am aware of few such cross over worlds – off the top I can only think of Heroscape with the premise that heroes from different ages and worlds are dragged into a world fighting over plotonium.

Does anyone know of anything similar?

My own musings would take it down a different route. Let me know what you think;

Anyone recall ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’? A childhood favourite of mine where the basic premise has a magic cupboard which brings to life some toy soldiers a young boy’s places in there. Adventures ensue.Indian in the Cupboard

How about, ‘Soldiers in my Cupboard’, not only a literal title for most wargamers – you’ve probably got cupboards crammed with toy soldiers like me – but also the basis for bringing to life a world populated with multi-genre characters… ‘Toy Story’ anyone?

Not the most original idea but no doubt a dream that has come to most wargamers at some point.

From a gaming point of view the trick would be ‘balance’ between the genres.



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