Some 15mm Sci Fi Classics (GW Traveller)

eBay is a wonderful thing and keeps getting better with saved searches and notifications and such. That’s where these chaps came from along with a host of others – all 5 of the original box sets produced under the Traveller brand, made by Citadel in the 80s. In total over a 100 miniatures ranging from military and aliens to adventurers and space-suited guys. I’m almost embarrassed to say how much I paid for them – £23.22!

Maybe a bit chunky by today’s styles but full of character and very well sculpted models.

I’m not sure on the history but I believe they were long out of production but many if not all of them can be had at RAFM in the US (link).

These are the first bunch that made it to the paint table – low-tech sci fi military. While humming and hawing over a paint scheme I Googled and saw this blokes brilliant paint job (can’t find the link right now but will insert later – Found it: Link). I’ve followed suit and gone with the GI colour scheme too.  RAFM Traveller Games Workshop 15mm Sci Fi classicsRAFM Traveller Games Workshop 15mm Sci Fi classics

All of the figures needed stripping from an over-zealous previous owners preference for Enamel Gloss. That’s not a critique – they kinda resembles some of my first paint jobs in the early eighties and enamels were the default back then.

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