Rebel Minis Steampunk Pulp 15mm

Steampunk in 15mm: Rebel Minis’ Pulp Adventurers

I’m not 100% sure where the lines are drawn between Steampunk, Victorian Science Fiction, Pulp gaming or Science Fiction a la Firefly where the old (Western) meets future technology. And I don’t really care. Except it does mean labelling these miniatures is a bit difficult.

Labels aside, they are a fun group full of character. I’ve a modest queue of similarly themed miniatures which, if I were actively gaming, would all make an appearance in Pulp Alley, In Her Majesties Name, Rogue Planet or even a post-apocalyptic game such as Across the Death Earth.

Rebel Minis Steampunk Pulp 15mm Rebel Minis Steampunk Pulp 15mm Rebel Minis Steampunk Pulp 15mm

I really must get that field of depth on the photos sorted!

6 thoughts on “Steampunk in 15mm: Rebel Minis’ Pulp Adventurers”

  1. Great figures and nice paint job! These could be perfect for my Victorian Mars games…do you know how they compare in size with Black Hat’s 18mm Martian range, I’ve heard Rebel are on the larger 15mm side?

  2. Thanks Harbadrix – as to Black Hat, yes, I’d say they are scaled well to each other (I’ve most of the range under-coated waiting for colouring in). BH is also on the more generous size. I just eye-balled them next to each other and wouldn’t have a problem putting them side by side.

    True, a couple of the Rebel minis look like they’ve had a few too many doughnuts compared to the slender Martians but they are human after all. 😉

  3. There are some great figures manufactured in the States but have been put off buying anything for the US as I placed an order for last year with a US figure company and the UK charges I had to pay at the Post Office was more than the value of the actual figures. I think I will have to bite the bullet tho as the characters above plus the Nemo troops and divers are HIGH on my list of wants for my Mars game and too good to pass up

  4. Man, These look good! Nice work!
    We don’t currently have a stockiest in the UK. Our Shipping is $12US no mater what you order 🙂


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