Dusty Demonworld Knight

This fella has been painted up for some time but I decided to dust him off and finish his shield which, at the time, I couldn’t decide what to paint on it. Pretty obvious with the dragon helm really that it has to be a dragon…

As with all my photos, I think these all look better in the flesh. Maybe it is because the image makes him look like a 30mm figure instead of his true 15mm (well, that’s not true either, as he’s from Demonworld he’s more like 20mm).

Demonworld Knight

Soldiers in My Cupboard

I look at my miniature collection (varied) and look at the numerous rules sets I have (varied also). But I’m struggling to find something that clicks with me. It is as much about the settings and scales as it is about mechanics.

Desire – a gaming world/universe where sci fi meets fantasy, which meets old west, post apocalypse, dark ages or horror and pirates…

Sounds a bit like Disneyland!

I am aware of few such cross over worlds – off the top I can only think of Heroscape with the premise that heroes from different ages and worlds are dragged into a world fighting over plotonium.

Does anyone know of anything similar?

My own musings would take it down a different route. Let me know what you think;

Anyone recall ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’? A childhood favourite of mine where the basic premise has a magic cupboard which brings to life some toy soldiers a young boy’s places in there. Adventures ensue.Indian in the Cupboard

How about, ‘Soldiers in my Cupboard’, not only a literal title for most wargamers – you’ve probably got cupboards crammed with toy soldiers like me – but also the basis for bringing to life a world populated with multi-genre characters… ‘Toy Story’ anyone?

Not the most original idea but no doubt a dream that has come to most wargamers at some point.

From a gaming point of view the trick would be ‘balance’ between the genres.



In honor of the new Doctor

First lot of pics of my recent efforts of taking photos of miniatures. Despite researching this I still can’t get a decent field of depth.

As to the new Doctor. Out on a limb here – because I don’t know what folk are saying because of my hermit like existence – but IMHO – it’s rubbish! We are about 5 or 6 episodes in and there has been one ‘not bad’ episode. The rest range from pretty poor to rubbish.

Don’t get me wrong – I think Peter Capaldi makes a great Doctor (potentially anyway) but the story-lines and some of the writing are terrible. Some of the dialogue can be sharp but come on, the rest is pretty pants.

Anyway, 15mm Doctor Who and assistant here. Obviously my take on a ‘future’ Doctor with smoking jacket (how un-pc) and hat. He’s from Bluemoon Manufacturing’s range of Vampire Hunters. The assistant (we’ll call her Amy) is a not-Walking Dead survivor from Khurasan Miniatures. The Tardis is a thrown together papercraft thing (with caved in roof because the thing was so fiddly).Doctor Who, Assistant and Tardis 15mm

Well, if your gonna mess with the good Doctor, why not a new disguise for the Tardis. The privé disguise could work both ways – “No way am I going in there!” or “My God I’m bursting”.Doctor Who, Assistant and Prive 15mm