Final entry for the Teletubbies

Final thanks to all took part in this “crowd-painting” exercise. Most enjoyable and encouraging. As you can see, the Teletubbies are now all done and ‘patterned up’. Despite the overall garish nature of these guys I do like them. Best patterns are orange and red leader I think. Green was really fiddly and not 100% with him. Might repaint. Painting yellow on anything other than white or yellow itself if a test.

Dynaman8789 Not fat enough to be Space Teletubbies? They just haven’t eaten yet…



Teletubbie update (aka Psycho Boobhah’s) – CMG Astagar by PF

Great bunch of comments from the TMP forum, sadly split between 2 options – leave as they are, or go for the snake patterns.

By way of staging, here they are as a group with finished bits.


Here is the orange guy (tail fixed) pre-pattern.


Here is is with pattern in place. Thanks Kallman for the image reference – followed your colour recommendation.


I know what I think for the rest. Just wanted to share.

Opinions on paint scheme: Teletubbies in Space

WIP: On the paint bench at the moment are this team of Critical Mass mercenaries (Astagar Fighters). As you can see, I went a little nuts and decided to paint them up with unique colour schemes. Individually that’s fine, but as a squad they look like nasty Teletubbies (not that Teletubbies don’t look nasty in the first place!)

I have a choice; Asking for opinions here please;

  1. Repaint in a single colour (probably red or green)
  2. Repaint in a more snake-like earth colour
  3. Add snake patterns to existing to break down the solid colours and unify with black and white designs.

Curious as to what fellow TMPers think.



Yet another tangent. Going all PULP.

Like the poor moth drawn to the nearest light, I am but a typical gamer/miniature collector drawn to the next new shiny thing.

Maybe this is more in keeping with previous thoughts on “Indian in the Cupboard” where a mash-up of all the shiny things I like can be achieved – Sci Fi, Fantasy, Pirates, Wild West and Adventure. I listened to a review (an excellent review) on Meeples and Miniatures about Pulp Alley. I had heard of Pulp Alley but dismissed it as its theme appeared to be very “Indiana Jones”. Encouraged by M&Ms enthusiasm and a bit more research that suggested the system far more ‘open’ than I had assumed, I took the almighty plunge and bought the rules. At £6.25 you can’t go too wrong.

Well, after reading I think it might well be the Holy Grail of rules that I have been looking for. Character and story driven, simple rules, fun activation and the addition of perils make for a fun combination. In addition it does not take a huge leap of imagination to seeing this system being very adaptable to other genres. Indeed, perhaps a mutli-genre world where toy soldiers come to life and live in a cupboard!

The only immediate draw back I see is the fairly tight ‘structure’ used for creating Leagues/Bands/Groups. I suspect however a bit more thinking, play testing and research will open that one up too.

First stop I think will be Pulp Alley + Five Parsecs from Home. See what kind of offspring that generates.

Pulp characters