Critical Mass Games Captain Bytt And Crew

Critical Mass Games Captain Bytt and Crew 15mm skirmish packThese fine chaps have been waiting for a paint job for a while now. Absolutely love the style, sculpts and detail on these. Again, some PF sculpts. Just wish there were more (gradually collecting all his 15mm work).

Minor conversions to the centre and centre-right fellows to make them more combat ready than originally intended (plus could do with some ‘Force’ types which I think they are prefect for).

Recently acquired an airbrush so may well go back and do their sabres more justice.

Captain Bytt And Crew

Critical Mass Games Captain Bytt And Crew

Fantastic Plastic: Budget does not mean rubbish

Trawling the web sometime back and the possibility of using board game components (meeples) was suggested by Cheap Fantasy Minis!. I took the plunge and ordered a few sprues from Eagle Games for the Age of Mythology board game (which I don’t own but wanted some mythos-busters).

Soapy water, priming and a coat or two of paint and the results are none too bad. The Cyclops below is good, the Medusa casting and pose a bit rough.

At $3 a sprue you get plenty for your dollar. Shipping to the UK was a bit steep so this will be a better option for colonial cousins. I bought one of each race – Greek, Norse and Egyptian. LINK to the Greek Sprue.

Note: These are technically 20mm (HO) scale. Being a mix of mythological monsters and gods means they are just that bit more impressive with 15mm.

I’ll post a few more when I get them done.

Plastic Fantastic - Eagle Games Age of Mythology painited Greek Meeples