15mm Dark Ages. Arthurian Warrior Warband

Before anyone complains, I know – this band is a mash-up of a few periods and races. Trust me, I know; but I don’t care. My interpretation of a Dark Ages warrior band is simply that. Mine. And it benefits from lashings of fantasy, artistic license and buckets of personal preferences.

These are mostly Splintered Light Miniatures and Xyston Miniatures and at the moment represent a sub-Roman Arthurian band of warriors. Initially conceived for Songs of Blades and Heroes (specifically The Song of Arthur and Merlin) but with additions from my more ‘conventional’ 15mm hosts I could easily run forces for SAGA or either of the Dux rule sets. But that’s a different story.

Gamer Confession*: Despite having a few hundred painted Dark Age and Early Medieval forces, and a host of unpainted of the same, I am waiting for a new order from Splintered Light Miniatures for more Vikings, sub-Romans and other friends. Does that make me bad? (David at SLM was having a 20% sale!)

* Gamer Confession is a new category I’m going to be adding occasionally. This represents the little miniature demon that haunts all wargamers/miniature painters/collectors. Basically the ‘shiny syndrome’. I’m doing this to remind myself when I’ve been bad and need to pull myself up for adding unnecessarily to the lead pile, extensive and growing project list or similar.

15mm Splintered Light Dark Ages 15mm Splintered Light Dark Ages 15mm Splintered Light Dark Ages

15mm Khurasan Mutants: Super Soldiers and Forsaken

All of these miniatures would be equally happy (if they can be happy) in either a sci fi or post apocalyptic environment. The Mutant Super Soldiers in particular are A+ on all fronts – style, sculpting and character. The Forsaken (mutant scavenger low tech probably-cannibals-types) are an A- only becuase of their fragility.

In both cases I’ve tried to increase variety with various earthy skin tones. IMHO “must buys” for any 15mm gaming in these genres. Please forgive the tartan livery on the Super Soldiers – I started with some simple lines which weren’t working and ended up with Caledonian Brutes (or Bay City Roller’s fans gone bad). If Khurasan decided to extend the Super Soldier line with another pack or two (heavy weapons would be good and more assault-types) I’d be very happy!

Check Khurasan’s Mutants at the End of Time line (can’t link directly to them at the moment due to site being partly off at the moment).

Mutants and Death Ray Guns anyone?

Khurasan Mutant Super Soldiers 15mm

Khurasan Mutant Forsaken 15mm

15mm Critical Mass PF mercenaries – Captain Bytt’s Hired Guns

I’ve said it before – I really really like PF sculpts and I’m gradually collecting them up. There is of course a difference between ‘buying’ them and ‘painting’ them (that ‘lead pile thing’).

These guys – Captain Bytt’s Hired Guns – are from Critical Mass Games, fine purveyors of some of the best 15mm sci fi around. News on their homepage is promising to add more options to the small band of Astagar Fighters from previous posts. Cool.

Critical Mass mercenariesCritical Mass mercenaries

Flights of Fantasy: Splintered Light Dungeon Adventurers

A while back I bought in to some of Rebel Minis “Armies” of re-packaged Splintered Light miniatures (Set 1 and Set 2). Clearly, not an army in the traditional sense but certainly a great way to get your hands on virtually all manner of ‘human’ type adventurers you could shake a stick at.

Add to that the range of Dungeon Crawl adventurer packs or Fantasy Gladiator packs  (Heroes of the Arena and Warriors of the Arena) directly from Splintered Light and you will be hard pushed not to be able to cover any dungeon bash requirements (not to mention great stuff for any fantasy skirmish games).

The mix in the Rebel Mini ‘army’ is such that several really nice themed warbands can be created (see below for a couple of them).

Splintered Light Miniatures fantasy Dungeon adventurers

Arabs Splintered Light Miniatures fantasy Dungeon adventurers

Splintered Light Miniatures fantasy Dungeon adventurers

Splintered Light Miniatures fantasy Dungeon adventurers

Normans Splintered Light Miniatures fantasy Dungeon adventurers


Fantastic Plastic: Reaper Bones Beholder

A good while back I picked up some of Reaper’s Bones plastic miniatures – mainly because I was curious as to how good they were for the price. And how they painted up. Below is a Beholder, 28mm. But for me, he’s a proper size 15mm kick-ass monster (forgive the blurry photo).

Beholder Bones Reaper Miniatures


Conclusion on Reaper Bones?

  • Detail not as crisp as lead/resin.
  • Flash is a real pain to remove
  • Some bendy swords and weapons to correct
  • Paint “fine”
  • Price vs Quality Sacrifice: B-