Micropanzer Amakudari Scout Squad 15mm

Whilst I’ve been in the hobby for some time, it is only more recently that I’ve taken 15mm to heart as a scale. Whilst familiar with most of the suppliers in the market, for some reason Micropanzer had never really come on to my radar – until recently that is. His recent 50% blow-out advertised on TMP caught my attention and a sizeable order was sent and kindly received at an extremely generous discount (though the tax man still got his cut at this end!).

Most of them are still in lead-state at the moment but I had to bump these chaps, the Amakudari Scout Squad, to the top of the painting queue. My son was recently playing a lot of “Destiny” on the PS4 and these guys struck a chord with the type of styling seen in that game.

As I often do, rather than a military theme, I’ve seen these more as a desperate group of nomadic desert/savannah dwelling hunter types that would easily be at home in a proper sci fi or post-apocalypse setting. With the “Destiny” inspired detailing, one or two of these could be added to some mercenary crew as ravager or scout types. Basically, really flexible and cool miniatures!

The big question though is what is happening with Micropanzer at the moment? Like I said, I’m new to this particular market and do not know if Jason’s announced hiatus and the closing of the shop is either common, long-lasting or otherwise. Jason, or anyone that knows, that sees this – please let me know.

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Update to Khurasan’s Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalions

A good while back I posted photos of my initial stab at Khurasan’s Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalions Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalions. I’ve since been back to complete the miniatures I have from the range (found here). Jon was out of stock of one of the four packs when I ordered so this isn’t the complete “Infantry” range but, IMHO the best 3 of the 4 packs available.

As before, I’ve not painted these up as a unified “Battalion” but more as individuals so that they can fit more with a skirmish orientated game/universe/setting.

(Whilst checking the link to these it looks like Jon may have renamed the range from the ‘Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalion’ to the ‘Interstellar Foreign Legion’.)

Khurasan Miniatures Jasmine Throne Alien Legion Khurasan Miniatures Jasmine Throne Alien Legion Khurasan Miniatures Jasmine Throne Alien Legion IMG_1029

Rebel Titan Marines go all Oriental

I think most people will agree that Rebel Miniatures Titan Marines make good “baddies” with their sinister face-masks and Germanesque style helmets. Even the elite troopers are called Stormtroopers.

Inspired by the packaging artwork on some terrain sitting near by at the time, I decided to make my chaps “Samurai” centric. The helmets lend themselves to the look and with the addition of some banners, helmet decorations and gloss for lacquer, hey presto.

Good for sci fi, post apocalypse or weird war 2?

UPDATE: I’ve since become aware of 15mm.co.uk’s Corporate Ashigaru range and Ground Zero Games Japanese Corporate Ashigaru. What to do? Complimentary forces, or rival clans…

Rebel Miniatures 15mm Titan Marines Rebel Miniatures 15mm Titan Stormtroopers

This is the image from the Hexagon terrain set. Now only if this guy was available in 15mm…

japanese street warrior

15mm Khurasan all-lady sci fi strike team

For some reason these fine ladies missed the Sci Fi Bonanza from last year. A great set from Khurasan Miniatures labelled “15mm Female Auxiliaries in Light Armour with energy weapons (x5)“. It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to see them as a ships crew, bounty team or similar. Break the team up with other figures and they are just pretty cool characters.

All Lady Insertion & Covert Enforcers?

Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Female Auxiliaries in Light Armour with energy weapons

SLM “Mountain of Olley”: The Bugbears

There are a host of excellent miniature manufacturers/creators out there at the moment (early 2015). We are spoilt for choice. Even when looking at 15mm alone the guys feeding the habit are doing some splendid, even amazing, things.

My personal journey in 15mm started about 20 years ago. Then it stopped for about 15 years and only kicked off again a few years ago. The change in that period has been quite impressive. The first few months ‘back’ was like being a kid in a toyshop as new creations and suppliers were discovered – or older ones rediscovered and bearing witness to their growth (or not in a couple of cases).

One of the many joys I found was Splintered Light Miniatures. Great range, imagination and quality sculpting and casting. Fair prices too – shame SLM are in the US as postage (and the Customs man in particular) can be painful. I now possess more lead from SLM than I will likely manage to paint.

One of the many highlights at SLM are the sculpts by Bob Olley. I don’t care that the ones at SLM are technically “20mm”. The majority (dwarfs aside) work happily along side other 15mm “Fantasy” miniatures. “Fantasy” being the operative word there – it is after all fantastical subjects we are looking at. If you want to argue the height of an elf compared to an orc is such and such I’ll probably laugh in your face and suggest you take up train spotting instead.

Here is the tip of the Bob Olley mountain of lead I have to wade through. When I say “wade though” that makes it sound like a chore. It’s not. These are so much fun to paint, and admire afterwards, that the “Mountain of Olley” is indeed a fun place to spend a lot of time.

Enough musing. The Bugbears;

Splintered Light Miniatures Bugbears by Bob Olley Splintered Light Miniatures Bugbears by Bob Olley Splintered Light Miniatures Bugbears by Bob Olley Splintered Light Miniatures Bugbears by Bob Olley Splintered Light Miniatures Bugbears by Bob Olley

Requested Scale Comparison:
Clearly being 20mm may raise questions in the scale department when using alongside 15mm. As request on TMP here is a pic.

Bugbear 20mm scale comparison

Left to Right: 10mm GW Warmaster Orgre (work great with 15mm too!), 15mm Essex Viking, SLM 20mm Bugbear, Foundry 28mm Pirate, finally, one of my oldest minis, a 25/28mm Ogre (from Grenadier I think).

GZG 15mm not-Firefly ship’s crew

I came late to the party when it comes to a certain Joss Whedon sci-fi TV show. Needlesstosay, the combination of Han Solo-type desperadoes living life on the fringes of space with a distinctive Old West vibe with Bladrunnesque accents was always going to be a winner for me.

These fellas from Ground Zero Games are excellent models of some protagonists that could make an appearance in such a TV setting. GZG kindly offer 2 options for each potential character-type. The first image shows a more vanilla take on some of a ships crew. The second set a bit more licence is taken.

That Splintered Light Miniatures order I’ve been waiting for turned up today (yeah!) – amongst many other goodies is another sculptor’s interpretation of the same/similar theme. I see a head-to-head vote-off coming…

I suppose a couple of these guys could also feature. Or another ship’s crew, that faced a more ominous fate, could join the head-to-head?

Ground Zero Games Firefly characters 15mm miniatures

Ground Zero Games Firefly characters 15mm miniatures
Does anyone else think that the captain here looks like Charles Grodin (of Midnight Run fame)?

PS As with all of my photos of miniatures, I really do think they all look better in the flesh.