Pussy Cats in Space: Khurasan’s Felids

I’ve always liked cats. My current cat is called Haggis because we got him around the time of Burn’s Night and he looks a little like an uncooked haggis. He’s boss of the dogs who are ten  times his size. He’s cool and tough.

Segway: These feline inspired guys from Khurasan are far more in keeping with the cover artwork for the Man-Kzin Wars novels than the old citadel 15mm Aslan miniatures I recently picked up on eBay. They make them look like kittens.


Needlesstosay I like them a lot. If you want feline aliens then these are the chaps to go for. Call them what you will; Felids, Aslans, Tigrids. They are fine companions to other earth-inspired aliens; Bears, Dogs, Monkeys, Repitles and Rhinos (once I’m done with the lead pile that is!)

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Terry Pratchett RIP

Just found out that Terry Pratchett passed away today. I’m sure any visitor to this blog will be well aware of his remarkable talent. Altzheimer’s is awful so perhaps the end for TP was gentle and kind. I hope so.

If the mark I leave on this world is a smidgen the size of Terry Pratchett’s I’d be please. Loved your books and loved your imagination.


15mm Post Apocalyptic Survivors, Cultists or Ravagers

Since I bought these 15mm.co.uk has expanded their 15mm Post Apocalyptic range and I’ll no doubt pick them up next time I’m ordering. As it was, it was actually the HOF Cultists that struck more of a chord with me as they were reminiscent of some old 20mm Dark Future Cultists I’ve had for decades. The sculpting on them is a bit less cartoony than the Post Apocalyptic range. All in all, they make quite a good group of flexi-badies, post apoc or sci fi.

I’ll no doubt pick up the new Mutants as well but they are struggling to match the excellence of these Khurasan sculpts (and these). They will all be keeping these chaps busy!

15mm Post Apocalyptic Survivors Cultists
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